Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi everyone!  I am feeling less and less like I can blog much anymore due to several factors.  If I kinda slowly drop off here, please forgive me! I doubt if I will completely, as I still love to visit you all and leave comments with you.  I just might not do any more posts here (or rarely)! It has been such a wonderful way to share and communicate and meet so many wonderful people all around the globe!  I am active on Facebook now, and you can find me as Julie Creswell there, and I hope you will!  

I wanted to share my one DIL's fun activities lately.  She is having a Jamberry Nail party online.  They are nail wraps, and I have never been big on doing my nails, but I have tried some samples she gave me, and they are really amazing.  Today she posted a link to make custom nails using your own image, so I made these with the image of the felt elephant ATC I had years ago!  If you want to try making some for free as a preview (you don't have to order)....go HERE!

Here are my own nails where I applied samples she gave me (black and white chevrons), and paired with a light purple polish on other fingers just playing around.  Obviously, they would have looked better with black polish, but I did not have any, and I am not a black polish person anyway.  These apply easily, and are supposed to last a few weeks.  Easy removal, non-toxic.  Many uses on one sheet.

Don't the wraps look so much nicer than polish???  I am seriously in love.  If you want to you can see all the available colors and gorgeous designs HERE!

SO....LATEST NEWS is that I have same old stuff going on around here.  Growing flowers, cooking, cleaning, loads of laundry, and playing with grandkids!  We make it fun, and that's the best part!

I got a copy of Sue Monk Kidd's newest book, called The Invention of Wings, and unfortunately I don't think I will be able to read it.  It is a 14 day loaner from the library, and I can't bring myself to sit down long enough to do it!  Maybe another year!  LOL.

The birds are still enjoying my birdbath and feeder...cardinals, cowbirds, blue jays, and little painted buntings.  Besides that we have the usual shore birds visiting the lawns for worms and seeds.  I feel so blessed to live in such a paradise here in south Florida!

I pray you are all well, and I will stay in touch!
Love always,


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I wish you well Julie whatever you do. I'm not on FB so won't be visiting you there.

Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

Bobbie Lynn said...

HI Julie,
Before you sign off from here. I need to get your address. Reason, I have inherited woodblock stamps. My cousin passed away last year and now her Husband has given most of her stamps. I just picked them up and there is not enough lifetime to use them. I would love to pick out some for you and for sweet Emily. You can e-mail me at :

Love the nail art : )

Blessings and if I do not hear from you have a beautiful Easter.
Bobbie Lynn

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Thank you for your well wishes for the boy. He is so cute and so happy that we have him.
Happy birthday to your Doozey!

Thank you for taking time to visit me.
Have a beautiful day!
bobbie lynn

Willow said...

Go where your joy is Julie.
We will miss you .
For now blogging is still my creative social media outlet as I don't do Facebook . I really just like sharing little stories and photos here on the blogoshpere :)

Teri Casper said...

I feel the way, slipping away from blogging. It has been so fun while it lasted and I would never have met you any other way. I an thankful for all the wonderful people I have met along the way.
See you on FB!

Claude said...

I havent been bloggong as much myself. Ill look you up pn facebook... but i don't post much there as i used top. Im just too damned tired anymore to do much of anything....

Julie said...

See you there (and here too, sometimes)....

Carla said...

I haven't commented much lately but I still drop by and see how you are doing. I felt a special Iowa connection to you always.
I hope you still will make an occasional post here as I am not on facebook.
Hope you have a great Easter, and good luck in the future. Glad to have met you!

Ela said...

Beautiful ! Your pets Doozey and Baby are so sweet :)

walk2write said...

I understand completely. My blogging has fallen by the wayside, and I'm not much into FB, though I have an account there as Iam Walker. You can find me by looking for a pic of a red camellia flower. I'm not sure why, but I just can't bring myself completely out of anonymity.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Julie!