Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A flaxseed bread recipe and trial. FAIL ON FLAVOR, TEXTURE, AND ANYTHING ELSE!

I was so enthralled at the idea for this bread when i came across it yesterday, i knew I HAD TO try it! There is even a lovely video to watch! I bought a bag of flaxmeal at healthfood store, and came home to make it in just the 20 minutes as the recipe said!  I'm sorry to the person who made the recipe, and video. This is an honest opinion (only mine).  Other folks might love this bread!!!!!

It sort of looked like vomit when i took it out of the oven. It was very soft, so i waited for it to cool. The only way i could slice it horizontally was to leave it on the plate and slice sideways with the knife, verrryyyyy carefully. 
I ate the sandwich, but it had a slight fish oil taste from the omega 3 in it. It was a soft, gritty texture. Not much flavor at all, except the damn fish oil flavor! Gross.

On a positive note, it is hi fiber, high protein, low carb bread. There were 5 eggs in it! It could be useful for a gluten free or lo carb diet. Might be ok if you used it for a fish sandwich since the fish taste would be expected there.   It's just not for me! I hope the birds will eat it! 

On to look for other ways to use small quantities of the other half bag of flaxmeal !!!!! Hope something works out! LOL.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Weird! I eat flax seed meal on my cereal and I don't remember it tasting like fish oil. Of course, maybe if I had it like this bread I would notice it.

I watched the little video and it looked simple enough to do.

I get a big bag of flax seed meal at SAM's for a good price.

It's good in smoothie's too.


Serena Lewis said...

Well, at least you know what you don't like. lol Odd that you liken it to fish oil with it being a plant-based product. I can't stomach fish oils but I think flaxseed oil tastes very nutty and plant-like to me. I try to have a spoonful of it every day to get those good Omegas working for me. Maybe try some muffins with the remaining flaxmeal?

shirley said...

Julie have you changed the heading of your blog. It has all gone plain with no pics.
that flaxseed bread did not sound very exciting at all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That's what you get for trying to be healthy. ;)

Dianne said...

Oh what a shame Julie. Sometimes the recipes can look sooo good in the photo! I love seafood but the fishy flavour of bread sounds gross.

Brent Roberts said...

LOL this was hilarious to read!

Julie said...

Thanks for some other ideas, Lorraine!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Serena, for other ideas for the flaxmeal.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Hey, you gave it a try. Looks good.
Have a wonderful 4th.
Bobbie Lynn

Willow said...

I am betting the birds will love it ! lol

My Cottage Diary said...

That would be disappointing all the way around. Is there any possibility the flaxseed was rancid? (I sure hope not.) I know nothing about it or how long it keeps. Hope you come up with some marvelous tasting uses for the rest of it. Blessings, Bess

Claude said...

Well... you have it a shot, and I have admit, that's more than i would have done. Wonder where that Dan fish taste came from?

cosmosandcleome said...

I put small amounts of flaxseed or flax meal in muffins, waffles, and pancakes. About 2 tablespoons per cup of flour, so if there are 2 cups of flour in the recipe, I use 1 and 3/4 cup of flour, and 1/4 cup of flax seed/meal. It adds texture and a very slight nutty flavor, and my kids don't complain about it being in there!