Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New ATC coming up!

I had thought of putting some gold leaf onto the ATC in my last post, and then today at my weekly meeting at work, as we passed our giant jar of chocolate miniatures around...all those little golden packages got me to thinkin!

I have almost finished my newest ATC, which is called "Candy Bar Heaven"...I should get it posted by tomorrow night...if I haven't hit another creative block...I am thinking it needs just one more little thing...or does it?? may have to decide!!!

Have a happy Thursday! It's watering day for I am elated!!!!


deepazartz said...

Hi Julie
The atc I saw at Lynn's, made by you, is superb! I wanted tell that to you. Its lovely. I loved the threads and stuff. The collection of atcs that you've showed is FABULOUS!!!

I am in the process of making atcs too. Well, hope to have more FUN!

Teri C said...

Can I trade a froggy for it? (still have the first two left) huh huh? please? :)

Lynn said...

Can't wait to see what you've done with the gold wrappers! If you leave a dab of chocolate on each ATC I bet they go like hotcakes!

yoon see said...

Wow! I love candy bars too.
I will be back to check out Julie:)

soulbrush said...

tee hee, and i do so lurv twix bars, my all time favs. btw i also love your nickname 'souly b''s fabadabadoo. what did you do with the blue one below?

Julie said...

Soul B- The blue one below became "Candy Bar Heaven" which Teri is planning to post on Thursday!!!