Saturday, May 2, 2009

Revised sketchbook

Well, I went crazy today and decided that I could not take the pages in by book that showed the printed artwork and words from the store! I cut more pages from 2 more large store paperbags, and then I took my book apart and took sheets (before folding) and glued the printed sides of each together so that I had 2 clean sides. I know it is a bit indulgent to glue two pages together, but it does make for a cleaner book. I am happy now!

I had one bag that had lighter paper and it looks real good mixed in. This one page here is where I had to rip off some handles, so it makes a ratty kinda funky look...I like it! I had a total of 11 folded pages in the end, so I put a lighter page about every 2-3 pages, and it is all mixed in and lovely.

I finished it off with some green twine I had laying around (instead of the too-short ribbons I had in it the first time. It still lays out perfectly flat. I tied the three holed areas off individually, and then my twine peices were so long that I brought them all together in the middle and tied a bow. I ended up with 32 useable pages in my newly revised book. I would have 34 if I had used paper bag to line the covers!
Now on to letter C.


soulbrush said...

this is turning out to be a labour of love, and a lotta fun too. oops, didn't do my 'b', was busy doing my IF drawing...there's a word for me...busy!

Claude said...

I would have been fine with the printed pages, I might have just drawn on another piece of paper and taped or glued it on top though... Still, looks like an elegant solution to the problem!

Teri C said...

Isn't it funny what we will do to make us happy. I totally understand why you did this. Looks great.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your sketchbook grows as your enthusiasm grows. Beautiful book.

Flying Colors said...

Great little project... would love to join in on the ABC of round things... but time would be just to hard... Love your paper bag sketch book!