Monday, May 11, 2009

Surprises in the mail today!

Oh wow...I couldn't believe I recieved TWO surprises in the mail today! How fun! First was a box from Claude, from Random Rants and Prickly Plants...each type of cactus wrapped so cutely in paper and labelled! I was very careful to be sure and photograph each one with the tag in front! I am terrible at I.D.'ing plants, and have an aweful memory for all of them!!! Thanks Claude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now to get them planted in my tires!!!

Next was a card (so beautiful) from Lynn, at Getting My Feet Wet! Look at this gorgeous ATC card make from fabric and sewing embellishment!!! I love it so much, Lynn!!! It is my only fabric ATC!!! It fit into my storage system perfectly too! It has such a glitter and shine to it...right up my alley! Thankyou Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out! Her information is printed on the fabric backing also!!! Very nice!


Outside In said...

That is so cool! Happy Cactus Monday!

Diane C. said...

Wow, cactus in the mail, how fun! I've never seen a fabric ATC card. Very unusual and beautiful.

Claude said...

well, those got there quick!

My handwriting is appalling!

Enjoy them, both should root easily, I made sure to send you a Escobaria that had a decent root attached... you should have blooms next spring!


Judi said...

TWO packages in ONE day!! you are so lucky. How very have a new plant to nurture in your tire...and a great looking card. deserve it.
have a lovely evening

Flying Colors said...

Wow Cacti in the mail and not crushed! How wonderful and then the glittering - water card, how cool! Thanks for showing :) HCM!

Claude said...

and I must say, it was very clever of me to get them there on Cactus Monday, wasn't it?

Julie said...

Claude- LOLOL! was quite good timing since I had NO Cactus Monday post ready at all today!!! Thanks, man!!!

Lynn said...

Julie, sweet of you to post my fabric ATC and photo card!
Love seeing them on your blog.
Yours will appear on my blog for Wednesday. They came today and are both delightful ATC and card! Love the sparkles!

Cait said...

Aww, awesome! There's not many things in life I love more than fun mail, hehe. AND I also got succulents in the mail the other day, I should post pictures of that!

The ATC is pretty awesome! Some of my friends are into ATCs and swaps.... and I always felt like I have no room here at my tiny apartment. But once I move..... "once I move" has become one of my stock phrases, haha! Three more weeks!

deepazartz said...

Julie...I was wondering the same thing Lisa said...cactus in the mail & not getting crushed!!
But tht was very sweet of Claude:)

And the adorable Lynn...Thats Khool! Even I am going to get one...waiting eagerly for tht:)


Teri C said...

Now THAT is a friend!! And just in time for Cactus Monday. Maybe Claude should be playing also!

And Lynn's fabric ATC is awesome. I just have to get one of those!!

What do you use to store your ATCs?


soulbrush said...

another gasp from me about it arriving in the! and i am also in line for a lynnie fabric atc! hcm (belated)

yoon see said...

Surprise is good.
Lynn is very kind and thoughtful:)

yoon see said...

Sorry to be late, Happy Belated Cactus Monday!