Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm here!

I have been so busy and only have time to read blogs late at night after getting home from work. I feel like it will really take some energy to post anything decent...I need a camera around and I rarely ever do anymore.

My new job is busy, and there is a lot, lot, lot of paperwork!!! Lots to learn and remember. It's a little scary. The co-workers all seem to get along well, and work together when things get rough, so that part is nice. Everyone has been exceptionally kind, helpful, fun. I like being around the people, both those we serve, and the co-workers. I think I really NEED to be around people...not around phones and chairs. No. Not that. Anything but that!

I always thought my dream job would be in a private office with my own phone and coffee maker. Boy, was I wrong!!! (Last job was with a phone and coffee maker...yuck)!

Hey, get this: My SIL keeps sending over fruits and vegies! She joined a food co-op and either gets too much to use or sends things she may get that aren't their favorites...but it has been fun the past few days my brother shows up with all these cool things! I need to have a big vegie stir fry. Thanks, Lynn!!!

My grandson is doing a fundraiser for his school and can you even guess what they are attempting to sell in this carbohydrate fearing, pitiful economy??? You will never guess! Tubs of 15 dollar Cookie doughs of all types!!! OMG! It has been all my Mom and I could do to bring ourselves to purchase two tubs! I just keep telling myself I will make the cookies and give them as Christmas gifts! We tow are the only two that has bought anything. I'm starting to feel like I am a nut case for doing it. It is kinda crazy!

Well, I am starting to feel too sleepy to even look at blogs eyes keep drifting off...hope there are not any spell errors...



Cindy said...

I always loathed my kids' school fundraisers. I know the schools need the money but how much wrapping paper/cookie dough/magazines/you name it... can you expect grandma/neighbors/co-workers to buy every year? It just gets old. And what percentage of the sales actually go to the PTA? I got to the point where I just made donations directly to the PTA. Bypassed the whole purchasing rigamarole. My kids still got in on the classroom pizza/ice cream parties for participating.

Darla said...

Glad you are doing well. One of our daughter's sold this cookie dough already this school year. I told her no way was anyone going to buy any, guess what? She sold almost 40 tubs of it! Beats me.

Serena said...

Hi Julie, it sounds like you're enjoying the new job. YUM...fresh fruit and veg!! Good luck with your grandson's fund-raiser....our fund-raisers are usually chocolates.

It seems like forever since I've posted on my much going on at the moment and I'm trying to keep up with blog friends as I can.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure it takes all your energy to learn this new job right now. Hang in there Julie. I hope it all works out. As to school fund raisers...I hate them. UGH.. Cookie dough. UGH... You are a good grandmaw.

Claude said...

yup... I've been that tired. Recently actually... but you'll hit the groove of the job and you'll adjust to the schedule and be back to your old self soon, I'm sure... I'm without a camera too... bites don't it. Fortunately, we have cell phones... LOL

Chris said...

Julie, thanks for taking the time to post. I miss hearing from you. I've been in a similar situation lately. I've missed my blog friends. So I'm trying to catch up with everyone.

Hoping you get a breather soon!

Hugs, Chris

Teri C said...

The good news is:' this too shall pass', and soon you will be the one on top doing orientation. Hang in there. I am happy you are happy with the job.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
I'm glad our new job is going well....and the people are nice that always makes things so much better... :o)

The coop sounds great...thats nice that you get all those goodies shared too.

Fundraisers can be a pain can't they. We've had those cookie dough fundraisers at work where mothers bring them to sell for their children. Lots of people do like them. They are good to keep in the freeer and bake as needed... well bake and enjoy.

hope you got lots of good rest and are feeling less sleepy.

Mandy said...

I'm glad your enjoying your new makes it so much easier to get dressed and out the door! Have missed your posts, but completely am with you on the busy part. Tonight was the oldest's last school volleyball game and we just have 2 more Saterday's of volleyball until we get a break for a while. Am I ever ready for the break! Don't forget to rest!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I know you will do well in your job. Starting off and learning everything is always hard. But you can do it. Love the free vegies thing! Yum!

Cookie dough for $15.00?! Yikes! That is crazy. I like the Xmas paper and small gifts like that. My kids always had to sell candy bars most of the time. Really got old.

Take care honey!

Evelyn said...

Hi Julie
Sounds like a nice place to work. Good people is definitely a good start. Good luck with the job.