Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is this a Pokeberry?

I got a question from Mr. Green Thumb about whether these berries in my blog title area are Pokeberrys...well, I don't know!

We came upon them on our nature walk the other day and they tree has red branches and main "trunk", and then these are the berries. Can anyone out there identify this?

If it is a Pokeberry I will be so excited because of my blog pal, Mary over at Pokeberry Patch. She has these tree/shrubs where she is and she loves if this is one, I can see why she loves them so...they are beautiful!!!
Here are a few shots of a little feller that we saw while walking too! There were two Armadillos, and this one was much more comfortable around humans (or so it seemed). I like the second shot of his awesome tail. Like a knight in shining armor!!!

Bye bye cutie pie!!!


Cindy said...

I didn't know there were armadillos in Florida. Cool :D

Also, how can you think he's a cutie, (and yes, I do too), when lizards give you the heebie jeebies?

Julie said...

Oh yes, they are all over Florida!!! They are very cute from afar...I would not want to touch one, that's for sure! LOL. I did accidently run over one with my car once...I felt terrible...but who knows, maybe he wasn't even hurt, with armor like this!!! Do you have them where you are???

Cindy said...

Not that I know of.

marianne said...

I don't know berries.......
But what a nice encounter with that knight!!!!!
We don't have them around here either, so nice to see them!


Claude said...

definitely looks like pokeberry to me. Most people seem to think of them as weeds, but I've always kinda liked them... wouldn't ever plant one in my yard, but one came up once and I let it be. The birds loved it.

I like armadillos to. Not sure I'd call them cute. But they're cool.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your berry bush sure looks like Poke to me. I have always admired armadillos even though I hear they can reak havoc in a garden. They remind me of prehistoric animals.

Darla said...

Don 't care for Amardillo's and I believe that's American Beautyberry, grows wild here in North Florida.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hi Julie--We're fine. I just haven't been blogging and I can't find your email--but also-- for some reason can't comment at my own blog. :(

Anyhow Yes that is a poke salet plant--and poke berries.

They die back here in fall and sprout new in the spring. They are pretty--at different times they are pretty in different ways. :)

I will blog again--when I get in the mood I guess.. lately not so much. Love ya!

Diane AZ said...

Great sighting of the armadillos. I've never seen one before, they look soo neat!

Serena said...

How cool that you have Armadillos there! Such a unique looking creature!

SiestaSister said...

The armadillos are not so cute when they burrow under your house. I read that if you throw mothballs down the home, they will move. HA! Ours just threw the mothballs back out. Then they decided they needed a vacation home and dug under the other side of the house. Ah, life in southwest Florida!