Monday, November 15, 2010

Parasitic wasp gall???

Could those hairy light brown balls in the photo in my last post be parasitic wasp galls? I had never heard of galls before, but after Googling some search words about these things, I see there are hairy/fuzzy ones. I guess the wasps hatch out and then the gall falls off the leaves??? I am going to go and take a few leaves off this tree and place them in an insect house and watch them to see what happens. If anyone has any idea about them, please share!!! It is oh so interesting!!! I will post pics on any developments!


Claude said...

I see these on the bottom of oak leaves... particularly live oaks... but I never took the time to research them... I'm curious to know too!

Diane AZ said...

Very interesting! I've never seen galls like those before. What a great idea to let some hatch and see what happens!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow Julie, I have never see that before either. Count me in also in the curious section.