Friday, November 26, 2010

In my garden today!

Such sweet surprises today! I looked out the kitchen window yesterday morning and saw an aggplant growing where a flower had arrived and presumably dried up! Here it is today a little larger yet. I am amazed when things get past me like this...I was out there every day watering and looking things over...hmmmm.

These red passionflowers always put me in mind of Christmas! They are really flowering right now!

My carrots are growing up to be big boys!!!

Red begonia seems to be happy in it's new garden spot!

New red growth from the Ferocactus latispinus. I find this cactus to be so alien looking...these daggers are frickin SHARP and very when you get poked, you really get wickedly impaled!

I am loving this time of year here and all of the expected changes during this great season!


Teri C said...

Wow, your garden is busy! Love that eggplant. Yup, that cactus could be vicious!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These photos really tell me that you live in a different climate than I. I love that red passion flower. I didn't even know there was such a thing. It looks like you will have eggplant soon.

Chris said...

How great to have your garden still in bloom and producing! We just had our first really cold spell, so my garden is "toast"!

That red passionflower is gorgeous!

Hugs & Blesses, Chris

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow, you are still able to grow eggplants. Your carrots look great and hope you lots too. What a gorgeous passion flower. I've only see them in purple.

Love you checker board Julie great project to make and then use. Have a great weekend.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Haha! I have found many of bug impaled on these guys!

Evelyn said...

HCM my friend. They are looking great - the eggplant is fab.

donna said...

Congratulations on that beautiful eggplant. I had the same experience with my cucumbers last summer. Several times a day I'd be out there checking and then suddenly....there was a six inch cucumer staring back at me.

Your red geranium looks like a begonia to me, but I could be wrong. It doesn't really matter because it has flowers in November which makes you a very lucky gardener.

I'm eager to find out how your carrots do in the container, especially how they taste. I want to plant them in 2011.

Thanks again for sharing some of what FL looks like in November.


Julie said...

Donna- thanks for pointing out my error in calling my begonia a geranium...I always do that for some reason! I also do it with coleus and crotons! lol. i went in and edited it to be begonia!
xoxo- julie