Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good morning Sunshines from around the globe!!! It's Saturday and overcast with off and on rain here. Kinda gloomy, but still wonderful to have the rain as we have been in a long drought! I have 4 bean plants popping up so far (after 3 days)...but planted 24 seeds, so hope more action soon follows!
Blooming outside are red hibiscus:

and some other things which I did not take pics of since you have seen it all my Mexican Sunflowers, hanging frilly red hibiscus, red passion flowers, white Vincas, and I have another good sized eggplant...but I'm waiting for it to get a bit larger. The tire gardens are so happy in this rain...even the succulents...they look perkier, and are in cactus soil, so they will drain fast anyway. They deserve a few good soakings.

I will show you the starts of an paper mache alligator Donovan is making,

and a rat I am making. If you can envision a long black tail (from the ropelike handle of a gift bag) hanging out the back end of this rat...he looks more realistic. My lovely wild child grandson pulled the tail out for a second time and has thrown it somewhere...remind me to give him a "what for" when he gets back from his Dad's. Why I decided to make a rat is beyond me, since I can't stand the sight of a pink tail on a white rat...uuuggggggh! This rat will be brown with a black tail for Halloween! Much more acceptable. I think I will find a way to give him whiskers too (not painted ones). My rat will have a cuteness factor about him! :)

The grands have gone with Dad for the weekend and we are planning a movie adventure to see the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts movie this afternoon! Can't wait, as there are two of my favorite actors. Tom Hanks is just plain devine in my book.

We are halfway to Christmas, and is anyone already thinking about this??? I told my family we either have to find our gifts at a thrift store, or handmake them, and guess what...EVERYONE agreed!!! We have found some amazing items for the kids at the thrifts lately (stuff they really love and were wanting) great shape too. I am a huge thrifter...the only way to go in this economy!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Can't wait to see Donovan's paper mache alligator when he finishes it. I love hibiscus and the red is my favorite color of them. Yes, I have been think about Christmas ( you have seen my bog : ), and what I maybe getting a few friends and family. Our list is pretty small but It takes time to find that special gift.
Have a great weekend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have thought of Christmas already. I don't have to buy many gifts. My family is small. It is all about the little children anyway. Love that beautiful red hibiscus. It is a christmas color.

marianne said...

hahaha already busy with the Christmas presents! I love how the alligator is coming along! It will be fun for him to make it.

Hope you liked the movie. What is it called? (we are always behind here....)

You always do such fun things with the grands! You are one fantastic grandma Julie! The kids are lucky to have you.

Have a nice Sunday♥

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Maybe you can give paper mache ornaments for Christmas? That would be cute. And I like homemade gifts! It's a great idea!