Monday, July 18, 2011

Pole Beans A Risin on Cactus Monday!

My little pots of pole beans are rising up!!! After just 4 days!!! Maybe we will have some to eat after all!!! They look good and sturdy/strong too!!! I will be a little scared of losing them all the way up to harvest! My fingers are crossed!!! Wish me luck!

AND...just for the pleasure of our Cactus Monday leader, Ms. Teri I, sadly am unprepared for CM, but would like to share a little OKRA story!!! I know how much pleasure she gets hearing about my okra adventures!!!

I found out that my dear sister-in-law, Lynn is someone who has been buying from and working for (for free vegies) this organic fruit and vegie group out at the greenmarket, where I had found those RED okra...well, she worked this past weekend for free radishes and carrots (for herself)...and guess what??? She brought me two bags of red okra!!! Pic below!!! Enjoy TERIII!!!!!!!!!
xoxo- Julie And seriously, a happy Cactus Monday to all who participated and I will be stopping by to see your cactuses!


Serena said...

WHOO HOO on the pole beans!! I hope they grow up to be strong and healthy ~ :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fresh veggies are the best. Good luck with your beans. I bet they will do well under your care.

yoon see said...

Hello Julie,

It's so great to drop by here and read all your happy gardening sharing.

I can see your passion with these little sprouts! Hope they are doing fine. You also must take care in midst of business!

Suzanne said...

Love fresh veggies, but I must admit I've never cooked with okra. Pole beans are something that I'm familiar with though! ;o)

Rohrerbot said...

That's some serious okra:) Yum!

Claude said...

I'm not even trying to grow anything this year. but good luck to ya!

deepazartz said...

Lovely ones:) Good luck with your beans:)

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs8
I like that..working for free radishes and carrots. Fun!
AND she brought you red okra. Do you know I have NEVER bought and therefore never prepared Okra..hmmmm...I know I must truly be be missing something here. I hope you enjoyed yours.

Hope its not tooooo hot over there...enjoy and try to stay cool.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Just a comment about your first doesn't look like dirt to me I thought it was a bit of raindrops...pretty...

The onions in the Pickled Onions DO stay crunchy because you don't cook them. They are really yummy...spice and crunch.


yoon see said...

Hello Julie! Thanks for dropping by with your beautiful words.

Have a wonderful weedkends!
Please be patient with me, I will write to you again.

Thank you.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I keep missing cactus Monday! Darn! You really have some great bean pole shoots going. Yummy!