Saturday, October 15, 2011

Carving and fingernail fun!

This is a silly, yet entertaining APP for you. Since it carves what you write or draw, the results can be strange...yet I am enthralled and keep experimenting. Hope you can try it.
It is called "Halloween Pumpkin Carving".
I am also trying out some fingernail ideas. Have you seen how you can transfer comics or newspaper words to your nails by dipping the image in alcohol then pressing on your nail for 30 seconds??? I have found that words from my printer work just have to do mirror image to make them transfer correctly. I may do a second post today showing some of this. An overcoat of clear polish will keep the art protected.
A really great set of cute fingernail tutorials is on YouTube. Go there and do a search for "Cute Polish".  Fun for girls and teens, and even old 55 year old grandmas like me!!!


Teri C said...

So cute and you know I am going to look for this.

Serena said...

They think of everything, don't they? I've heard of the nail transfers...sounds like fun!

Lynn said...

Always happy to see the "older set" having fun. Not that I consider YOU old Julie! LOL