Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Yard Oct. 2011

Some random yard plant photos from yesterday...finally go tthem uploaded to Flickr and what a difference! Thanks Flickr...
Pretty orange daisies that just suddenly took off this summer in one tire.
saturdayyardoct2011 035 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 035, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

My one and only semi-decent looking pepper on two bushes!!! Darn.
saturdayyardoct2011 033 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 033, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

The yellow marigolds also started taking off all of a sudden mid-summer.
saturdayyardoct2011 031 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 031, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

I have only two eggplants hanging on the remaining three plants. They are looking very sad, and I think I will pull them after these two are off...time for some new cool weather crops!
saturdayyardoct2011 038 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 038, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

My newly planted orange marigolds HALLOWEEN garden near the front door. All along the back are these very pretty plants that have a ton of dark purple blossoms, but we had hard rains a few days right after I planted them, and they all fell off.:(
saturdayyardoct2011 043 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 043, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

And windowsill African Violet. It had a few month period of no blooms, and then it really started up! I love this dark purple (they look pinker in the photo, I suppose due to the flash, but they are really much darker)...I think I am in a love of dark purple phase right now...!
saturdayyardoct2011 046 by xmasgirl43
saturdayyardoct2011 046, a photo by xmasgirl43 on Flickr.

Tonight, I will have a few pics for CACTUS MONDAY posted for tomorrow!!!! Yippee!!!


Serena said...

Beautiful garden pics, Julie! Love the marigolds...they really cheer up a garden, don't they?

Btw, re. Flickr - Hey, this girl's a fast mover! LOL But seriously, I added you as a Contact seven months ago. LOL At the time, you'd had trouble uploading through Blogger so you posted a pic of Doozey via Flickr. When I clicked on it, I was taken straight to your Flickr albums where I added you as a contact. You mustn't have been notified until now as I wondered why it took you so long to add me to your Contacts. lol

Have a great day!

Serena xo

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Don't feel bad about the bell peppers. I had five bushes and not many picking on each bush. I'm not sure why but I will try again next year, but maybe a different variety. Congrats on your African Violet blooming. I have not had luck with them but they are so pretty. Lovely fall colors in our garden. Happy gardening.
Bobbie Lynn

Evelyn said...

Lovely to see your plants - gorgeous flowers.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Your flowers and plants look so amazing. I just love African Violets especially the ones that DO bloom. Yours looks like it is going to be in bloom for some time with all those flowers and new blooms on the way. Mine continues too...constantly. It has not had a break at all honestly for a number of years. Truly.

Too bad about the flowers coming off your plant during the rain...I hope your crops will come back. Yum! Nothing better than fresh veggies out of the garden...

Don't work too hard Julie and it sure sounds like you are doing that. I do like the dinner you and hubby brought home the other day..*grinning*...pie and ice cream now I would have shared my chicken dinner with you if you were sharing...*hugs*..
have a great evening and rest of the week..
love ya back..

MrBrownThumb said...

Your African violet looks so beautiful. I really need to get me another one of those one of these days.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I wonder what's up with the peppers. Everything else you grew is awesome! Weird. Great plantings and photos girl!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a Halloween garden! The best we could do here in the NE is dead, decaying plants, limp and slimy from being frosted!

Nice African violet. I inherited a deep purple one from my grandmother, and it blooms almost constantly! Very gratifying!