Sunday, January 15, 2012

A cute heart for your sweetheart!

I found the cutest idea on a blog I read daily (she makes crafty items out of things around the house, and I'm telling you I think she is a genius)!!! Here is her post about making a heart from a tunafish can, and under that a picture of the one the kids and I made for their Mom. Cute is all I can say! Thanks Camilla!

The “Uncanny Heart” Bowl | Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri


Lynn said...

Very clever, very cute!!! She paints the can with our with out label I wonder? fun!

Julie said...

Without the label, Lynn!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Great Valentine projects. The Hello Kitty is adorable. Great Job. Sorry that you will not be able to attend the SMASH book class but there are some good YouTubes on making your own. I have seen the SMASH books by K&Company and they are neat but easy to make on your own. I am thinking of making some for gifts this year. I do not have a binding system but my local scrapbook store or Staples can do that for me.
Have a good day.

Teri C said...

Well how cute and clever is that! You find the funnest things Julie.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Oh how fun! That is really a cute hear container. I visited that blog and it'll be fun to check that one out further.

So many ideas out there eh? Thank you for sharing this one!
Hope you are being inspired still today...interesting report last time I asked this question.

have a great day..

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thanks Julie for your comment. Making the wall quilt I realized that I miss sewing. I need to sew more. The flowers just came to me when I saw a few online stores that were sell them. Looking at them I forgot about the mini punches that I had. I will try to keep making them from the left over scraps of paper. I have a little container to keep them when I need some small flowers for my projects.
Have a good day Julie. : )