Friday, January 13, 2012

Random stuff...

Check out this huge lemon...someone gave it to me from their backyard has a few seeds,  but it is solid juice. I made a lemon pie and only used the little section and had enough! Now what can I make with the rest of it???

Check out this awesome eel we saw in a tank at a restaurant last night! I was mesmerized by it. Just so you know, Beluga whales do that to me too!!!

Anyone know what kind of eel this is???


shirley said...

That eel is awesome sorry can't help with the name.

We had a lemon tree like that once. It was ginormous. I used to juice flagon size jars of the juice, which my Dad loved to drink. We had an long extended pole with a jam tin on the end to collect the lemons at the top of the tree. I made lots of lemon meringue pies while living in that house.

Are all the lemons on your friends tree that size.

Cindy said...

I googled "Zebra eel", because it seemed so obvious. Turns out, that's just what it is. A zebra moray eel.

Always remember, when life gives you lemons, run the squeezed-out leftovers down your garbage disposer. Leaves it lemony-fresh!

Lynn said...

1. Lemonaide?
2. Zebra?

Julie said...

Shirley- yes they are all huge on the tree!!! I want one of these type lemon trees for sure!

Cindy...I figured it would never be called a zebra eel...too funny that it is! I thought it was so much prettier than Flotsom and Jetsom from Little Mermaid movie!!!

Lynn---yeah...lots of lemonade...tomorrow!!! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful lemon. Maybe you should draw it. The eel too.

hundredsofideas said...

Now this is a random post! Cool eel, we have some lemons in the fridge from our lemon tree.