Sunday, January 1, 2012

Garden shots on 1st day 2012!

I missed posting these this morning after I walked around and took a few shots outside of some of my treasures. The day passed by, and it has slipped over into Jan. 2 before I could make this post. Oh well...had a wonderful day. Perfect weather here in south, breezy, and clear skies. I just had to show you all a few things...
My blooming Kalanchoe blossfeldiana:

A vine that is growing on the porch...I've been training it in and around and through the chairs! Ha! The silly part of me (a big part) loves this so much!!!

My hibiscus are finally blooming!!!

Some freeloading white periwinkles coming up in between my tires...but do I mind? Naw...

A few succulents shots:

I believe these are blooms on a "Mother In Laws Tongue". Anyone know for sure? I couldn't get close enough to see what they were coming off of, but husband said he saw some earlier in another location in the yard. These are along my back fence.

A few last blooms on a chysanthemum:

The ti plants are blooming too!

These fall out nearly year round from our back yard Sapodilla tree:

Some new eggplants coming along...Gretel variety:

A day late and a dollar short...these beautiful bells came just after Christmas...maybe to ring in the new year??? This is my Kalanchoe tubiflora.

Zinnias and Impatients in two tires:

And, last but not potato experiment...which is going very well so far! This shot is looking down into an outdoor plastic garbage can with potato plants inside. I have 6 inches of Miracle Gro soil in bottom of can (there are drainage holes covered with screen in bottom of can). Then as the plants grow taller, I am putting all natural pine wood shavings (instead of soil) in there to give the plants a medium to grow tons of potatos in. I fertilized with Miracle Gro Liquid water soluable stuff, and they grew about 6 inches in 3 days!!! So far, so good. Am really going to be hoping for an awesome haul from this can in a few months! I will have pics and lots of friends and family for the unveiling!!!

Happy upcoming week to you all! xoxo- Julie


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Everything looks so beautiful and bright sweetie! And those kalanchoe blooms are great. Super photos!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy New Years Julie. Love your photos. Looks like your have a lot of beautiful color going on in your garden. Hope you get some potato from your experiment.

Judi said...

Happy New Year Julie *hugs*

Well you are just so smart with flowers and plants. You know their names and what to do with them...and you have a great new way of planting potatoes etc. I find it all so interesting. I'm just not that way.

I'm glad you had a good New Year's Day...and now spring is coming another 3 months...but at least its the next season to looking forward to.

have a great evening

Serena Lewis said...

Yes, it is commonly called Mother-in-Laws Tongue OR Snake plant. There are quite a few varieties but it belongs to the Sansevieria family. I have some of these growing in my yard too.

I loved all the pics from around your garden, Julie. Good luck with those potatoes...I'll be interested to see how well the sawdust works.

Evelyn said...

Hi Julie
Lovely shots - I love the Kalanchoe bells. They are really sweet.

Happy New Year to you!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
We are having some amazing weather right now in Southern California, in the low 80's.
Have a nice day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful things growing and blooming in your garden Julie. It really looks good to me since everything here is now frozen.

Anonymous said...

That post of succulents is beautiful! Happy New year.