Friday, January 20, 2012

Garden fun and an awesome handmade beer chandelier!

Today I took out all my corn plants, and planted a lovely mix of looseleaf lettuce seeds by Burpee. I'm gonna have a ton of lettuce.

I planted a huge 3 ft. tub, 3 five gallon buckets and 2 tires worth! Should be salad heaven here shortly!
Here is what my package says:
Lettuce, Looseleaf Blend
Five favorites in one pack.
Burpee Exclusive
Five classic lettuce types and textures in a range of colors: Black Seeded Simpson, Lolla Rossa, Green Ice, Buttercrunch and Mighty Red Oak. These lettuces are all as beautiful as they are delicious and make for delightful salads, rich in color, flavor and texture.
How do you like the white Gretel eggplants...they really do grow in clusters!

The experimental potatoes in a tall outdoor garbage can, using sawdust as a growing medium is approaching the top of the can! They are getting bushier, and I can't wait to see them all bushed out the top in their glory. I will wait until they flower and completely die....then harvest whatever might be in there. Can't wait!

My kale is finally starting to just sat there for a month...I was starting to wonder if it was ever gonna start movin!!!

We are having dinner here tonight and discovered these chandeliers made by the owner of the BBQ place, called Park Ave. BBQ. He has made two of these babies that he has hanging up in his restaurant...the bulbs inside change colors too! They are so awesome! I just had to show you this!!!

Well...hope everyone has a great weekend...think of me out there working away!

X o x o...Julie


Teri C said...

You always find the most unique things Julie. And your garden is always spectacular.
Have fun playing in there this weekend. Well, I know you will.

My Little Family: said...

Working in the garden? Or did you find a new job?

shirley said...

Your gardening prowess is you have green coloured thumbs.
That chandelier is awesome.

Rohrerbot said...

Well, at least your working!:) I should be but I don't feel like it today. Looks great from the pics you posted. I just took some students this morning to Lowe's and that was there project this weekend with Mom and Dad. Hopefully the critters won't eat all the plants up:)

soulbrush said...

always love seeing your garden Julie friend. And that chandelier is awesome!

meemsnyc said...

What a cool looking chandelier! I loved that it is recycled bottles. Those eggplant are awesome. I will have to try to grow them!

Julie said... working at my old job...all weekend and Mon and then Tuesday will be my last day...:)

Lynn said...

Your garden is fun to follow...not to come and celebrate the harvests!!!! Happy eating!

messyfish said...

Ok then, I must just come and visit you one day, because the garden here needs help...and I am sure I can learn a thing or two from you!

marianne said...

How cool everything still grows over there. You are so lucky living in such a mild climate :)
And that chandelier how cool is that!!!
Have a nice weekend dear♥

Diane AZ said...

Hi, your white Gretel eggplants are cute and look at your potatoes and kale! It's great that you can garden even in the winter.

That chandelier is cool, I've never seen one like it!

Mandy said...

Miss Hedgie (the guinea pig) would love your kale, it's one of her favorites! Those beer chandeliers are pretty cool too!

Serena Lewis said...

Cool chandelier!

OH, what yummy goodness you are growing in your garden. I don't think I've ever seen white eggplants. I can't wait to see your potato haul either!

Have a lovely week,
Serena xo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you had a great weekend. That chandelier is interesting.

Claude said...

Black seeded simpson is one of the oldest and best varieties of lettuce. My Grandmother swore by it! I love red oak leaf too... the others I haven't grown. Buttercrunch doesn't have a good rep in the local gardens.

Can't wait to see how the potatoes do for you. I've grown them in straw, as you know... but sawdust is new. Bet it does wonderful. Don't know why they wouldn't.

Susan said...

Looks like your garden is well under way. Our guinea could use some of that lettuce, too. The beer chandelier is very clever!

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Julie...Julie...quite truly how does your garden grow? REALLY well! I love the places you grow your veggies and they are doing well. It will be fun to see how many potatoes you get from the bush.
Isn't that the niftiest light???
have a great evening

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Love to grow lettuce and it sounds a lot of pretty lettuce too. I am going to pick some also for my dinner tonight. Your garden looks great and wow! eggplant already fruiting. I think now that you are in between looking for a new job I hope your garden will bring peace to you.
Love that chandelier and what a way to recycle too. Thanks for sharing.