Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doozey and my plant pets too!

Hello!!! It has been a while since I much going on, or rather NOT going on, but I was just too busy!!!

I took pictures of Doozey being a real snuggle you will see later in this post... how she lays down with the length of her whole body RIGHT UP NEXT TO YOU! Sometimes I am too hot to let her stay...but mostly I try to move her a little just to get some air! She snuggles around my neck (my favorite), and right up next to me on the couch! She is, as my DIL always says, a "hot mess"!!! :) I always said I wanted a chihuahua pillow, and when she gets around the back of my neck, she becomes just that!!!

I looked at my little pet succulents today and thought it was time to show you all a few pics again... of their cuteness!!! I do love them. I think that other than their cuteness factor, I love them because they thrive on neglect and they never talk back!!! They are never out getting into any kind of trouble. They are just CUTE! Doesn't just the sound of that calm your nerves??? :)

And, just before I show them to you, I have to tell you one of the things that has occupied some of my time. It is addicting, and a very enjoyable pastime when you are waiting for something (like a job)...

Weed pulling in your yard grass. I seriously am wondering about myself! I tell myself I think I can get rid of the weeds the old fashioned sir-ee...I do not need Weed and Feed. LOL. I get focused in (and even sitting down to work on larger patches of them), and work for quite a while...only to stand back up and see a million more patches everywhere! It is impossible. NOW, I just tell myself it is a meditative activity I can do to calm my nerves and I think tomorrow I will take out iced tea and snacks! LOL. are my pet plant babies:
My euphorbia, whose name is REX (decorated with multicolored lights for a festive atmosphere in screenroom). They run all the way around along the trellis.

Mexican Love goes hot pink in full sun! Sent from California.

The wild and crazy (needs to still be divided), is it Haworthia of some sort???

Aloe (saved from the side of the road here).

This one came from California, but I can't remember it's name. I just call them all "Cuteee"! This one has been a very slow grower.

Tillandsias, or air plants. I have been watering them more after losing some to non-watering...I found out they need a drink every few weeks too!!!

Variagated gasteria. This one is so sculptural...I fell in love with it on first sight years ago and HAD to bring it home!

Kalanchoe (Flippin Flapjacks)

Blooming Haworthia

Kalanchoe (Donkey Ears)...sent to me from San Antonio, Texas! They are so beautiful!

Huernia (started from a small cutting from my SIL in Mooringsport, Louisiana). It looks so cool...especially when in bloom!

Now a few shots of the SNUGGLER, doing what she does best!!! (Love it)!!!


marianne said...

Ahh that Doozey! She is just so cute. And yes sometimes they are just too much or too warm, but eh we want pets don't we......
Your succulents are looking good.
I have a Haworthia and after blooming there is a little baby plant now on the stem :)
Enjoy your day dear ♥

Teri Casper said...

Oh that first pix of Doozey is so darn cute. She has such an intense look on her face. Such a cutie,

Wow, your plants look so happy and are growing so well.
Funny you mentioned the weeding....when I was working I would come home frustrated (you know what I mean) I immediately went to the garden and weeded before I even ate supper. That was such a stress reliever. So I totally understand the need to weed.

Purificacion Diaz said...

beautifull suculents...congratulations...kisesss

Bobbie Lynn said...

You have some interesting plants. Do they all produce flowers. There are a few succulents that I have that have not flowered. I have been doing a bit of weeding myself and it is perfect, right after the rains (much easier). Your four legged girls is just adorable. I wish all dogs and cats had good homes like ours.
Have a good day Julie.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Dogs are funny! They love to be crowded!

Plants are looking good!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Julie--I am just thrilled with our Paco-- chihuha. :) super cool little guy. Moj loves him too. Thanks for the clues to his ways. :)

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
I have been missing whag you have been up to. Your succulents are really have so many of them and you know them all by name both their own and their adopted cutee name from you..*s*. I like the idea of the one that gets red from the sun.
Doozey does sound like a real lover...cute. He doesn't look like a hot mess Julie.
It sounds like you are looking for another job...I hope you find just the one you are looking for. In the know you can always weed..*lol*.

I do know that feeling though. I have done that on a day when I need some relaxation time just for me...and I get absorbed in doing that and thinking. Best thing is not to look ahead just where you are at with that job.

enjoy the weekend...its gone cooool here this week in the upper 30s...what in the world eh?


soulbrush said...

Wow are those your 'sexy' legs Julie? Way to go girl!
Back to little sweet Dozey- cutie pie. And your plants all look so healthy too.

Julie said...

Souly-B.....what you talking about? Those are some FAT legs!!!!! ;)

Diana said...

What a Doozy. Your little doggie is so cute. What a cuddle bug. Julie I love your plants. You have a green thumb. Thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my little ole humble blog. They mean alot to me.

Hugs to you.


Sandy said...

Doozie is cute! Enjoyed all your plant photos.

I still want just a succulant garden some day.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love when the mexican donkey ears bloom!? so bold!
your plants are really in tip top shape! I'm a huge fan of all of them!!!!