Friday, March 2, 2012

New stitch (easy). good book, and some mandala jewelry!!!

I found a great book at this library this has colored pictures of each stitch with a "how to" of each one. 260 embroidery stitches!!! Oh my God...that's an awful lot. I have to learn one at a time...yikes...

So yesterday I added to my little collage, a satin stitched heart filled with seeding stitches (are they not so cute)????? Looks like scattered seeds...

At the mall yesterday, in the window at Swarovsky, some jewelry I just had to have a pcture of for my blog friend, Marianne, over at Mandalas and More. Hope you enjoy! They are so gorgeous, and they were shining out beacons (literally) of light prisms. I need to find a ball to attend!!! LOL! :)

Hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!
xoxo- Julie
P.S. I found out how to do a little trick with my cell phone camera to sharpen up the pic before I take it, and I am so excited...still learning with this thing...but so happy to know I can at least get clearer pictures for the blog. Yippee!!!


shirley said...

Hi Julie, you are going well, the cretan stitch is great, and I love your little heart.Your detached chain are perfec and have managed to have no gap at the bottom like I do sometime. Good on you.

shirley said...

aren't these beautiful. i had not heard of mandelas until I saw the embroidered ones on SF. I love these.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun you are having with those embroidery hoops. Very good job.
Love the sparkles too.

Teri Casper said...

Your stitching is looking great!
That jewelry is really beautiful!

marianne said...

Isn't this great!
Very over the top but if I had seen this I might have bought it! I love it!
So sweet of you to think of me when you saw this :)
Have fun with the embroidery book!
The blue stitch almost seems like done with a machine.

Have a nice weekend:) and thanks showing me the jewelry

deepazartz said...

Wow Julie your stiching looks really cute. 260 god, that's really a lot, ne'er knew they had so many!
The mandala jewellery is exquisite... Marianne would surely love it:)

donna said...

Guess we both have sparkling jewelry on the mind because I pinned some pretty Swarovski earrings on my Pinterest wish list yesterday. Not that I'll ever buy them. LOL Just dreamin'.

I've no doubt that you'll eventually learn all 260 stitches. Yes, your seeding stitches look just like scattered seeds.

soulbrush said...

love your embroidery- I can't do it anymore, my eyes are too weak! Enjoy it- so relaxing!