Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A few more stitches and realizations...

After adding a few more practice stitches today, I realize this thing is looking a bit collage-y already!!!

I added this poorly executed little square made with an underlying trellis stitch and top diagonal filling. It was fun to make, even if I did get it a bit off keel. The trellis was made with light purple, and the diagonal part with darker purple, but having the cross joints stitched down in the light purple. It looks so cool up close....not as good in the picture, sadly.

Now this little atomic looking baby is called a tailed french knot. I love it. I could see something using these scattered about...large and small. I found this other border stitch somewhere and cannot find it again to tell you it's name. I think, now that I am looking at it, it should have more little arms coming off each sort of half sun beam...I love how it runs along alternating back and forth along the line.

This is just a close up of a previous area...showing the eyelet stitch, chain stitch, and back-stitch.

And last...I did this pink row, which is called an interlaced running stitch. I used only 2 strands of floss, and I think I need to beef everything up more, so it is easier to see...will probably go up to 3-4 strands to see how it looks.

I realize today that there are many reasons why this is an attractive hobby for me, but the biggest is that I can practice one stitch for a few minutes, when I have that few minutes, and that chances are I will only make one of each thing that would be exactly the same (I have a problem in that I can never seem to make more than one of anything).

Well...hoping everyone has a great Thursday tomorrow! Thanks for your visit.
xoxo- Julie


Dandelion and Daisy said...

I use to do a lot of embroidery but it has been so long i had forgotten some of those stitches! I like the collage look you've created.

Penny said...

This is looking lovely, and such fun to do as well.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This might lead to a refined project. You never know. I like all the stiches so far.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Sweet stitching Julie. Love all the pattern designs. They would make cute tea towel designs. Your garden photos are fabulous. Have a wonderful day.

Lynn said...

Isn't embroidery fun? I just love doing this too.

yoon see said...

Hello Julie, good day to you, you have lovely treasuries lately!

Look like embroidery is your new found hobby. It seems fun, promising, enjoyable and the result is remarkable!

Keep up your good work dear Julie!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

You are really getting good at this honey! Wow, is this your practice cloth. I had one of those with all kinds of stitches on it!