Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doozey meets her brother!

A few days ago, I took my car into the shop to have a new condenser and other things relating to the a/c replaced...and lo and behold there was a dog that looked so much like Doozey! I asked if they got him from the same breeder, and sure enough they did. We think maybe they have the same mom, and different dads, because they are a year apart and he is much larger and has different colored eyes and nose than Doozey's. Of course, we are only speculating at this point...but we can always pull out our papers and find out. This breeder gave us CKC papers and the parents are listed. I will have to ask them if they still have their papers too. Doozey is on the right being held by my daughter, and Buster is on the left being held by his owners son. It was chilly out and they both had on a little something to keep them warm...LOL.

Doozey had to have two teeth extracted yesterday. Yesterday she was looking so good afterward (due to the local anesthetic she was given), but this morning, she woke up with pain. She has had her pain medicine, eaten breakfast (soft food only for a few weeks), and now she is acting and reacting to everything just like usual!!! I guess she has pulled through it so far, so good. We have the worlds greatest vet. Thank God. I still have a few days to go until I make sure her infection is gone and she has healed completely. She was on antibiotic for a week prior to surgery and now a few more days of it. She had some IV antibiotic too, so I think she will be good as new really soon.

Here is my small haul of eggplants this morning...funny some are yellow this time. I am going to mix these babies up in a skillet with other vegetables today and chomp em down!!!


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

BEAUTIFUL eggplant!! I've been craving Pav Bhaji lately. Yum!

So sad about the tooth extraction! One of my dogs had to have a bunch of teeth removed, and I felt like crap. However, he's doing very well, and his breath no longer stinks. Hope Doozey recovers quickly!

marianne said...

I think I don't need papers to see they are family!!!!
How cool is that! did they respond to each other?
And I think there are no better patients as pets! They recover so fast and without moaning,,,,,,
Lovely veggies

have a great day and hug doozey from me ♥

Rohrerbot said...

Your eggplants are beautiful....I like the coloring on them. I don't think I've ever seen a non-purple one before:) Hope everything gets better:)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Too adorable Julie. They look like twins. LOL!
I have never seen yellow eggplants, pretty.

shirley said...

Julie I love eggplant and I am fascinated by the colours of your enjoy.

Glad to hear Doozey is on the mend he looks a cute little doggy.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

When we adopted our dog, Jack, he had a brother that we left behind. We are always wondering what happened to him, so it is nice to know that other members of Doozey's family have happy homes, too. Small dogs are more prone to dental problems, I'm told, and doggie dentists are as expensive as people dentists. Oh, what we do for our pets!

Julie said...

Jan...yes, our vet said that chihuahuas are prone to dental problems. It could be true of all smaller animals. I am wondering if pet insurance makes sense in an animals elder years. The teeth extractions and cleaning was 500 dollars!!!!! Jeeze!!!