Monday, April 16, 2012

A Zentangle try

Just a little try at something fun that I learned from my friend, Teri over at Painted Daisies. Hers was so pretty, and more of a traditional zentangle. She took a piece of already watercolor splashed paper and added to it with pen. Mine is light (my pen was running out somewhat), and the homemade paper had such a rough surface, it couldn't grab all of the Sharpies ink. Still kinda cute, eh??? Looks nice on top of the tablecloth as a background.

Life here is rather boring. Just waiting the next 3 weeks to hear about the job I interviewed for. I have been trying to take care of everything that needs (as much as I can anyway) prior to going back to work. Doozey's toenails got trimmed today, and she got a bath. To the vet tomorrow for yearly check up and shots. Then it will be cat's turn.

I have made a decision not to do a vegie garden for the summer. It is just so hot here, and all I can grow is eggplant and my beloved okra. The eggplant is already going and these plants live three straight years (producing non-stop) I will just manage the one plant for the summer. My Mom and I have decided that it is far easier to buy fresh okra at the market...sadly.

I sure wish I could find time to sit and keep practicing my is hard. I like the free style of just a practice cloth, but I am also thinking it would be neat to try and make a gift of something embroidered. Any ideas on what would make a good gift for a beginning embroiderer to try?????

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Tomorrow is TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday over at Pin Tangle, where I see Sharon has already posted the challenge of French Knots! I can do those!!! YEAH! Maybe this week will be one I can post! Go over and check it out and join in! Hey, if you need any more inspiration other than Sharon's blog, check out these two:
1. Stitches and Life
2. Embroiderland



Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
What a beautiful design and love the colors, a tropical feel. I agree with you not having a summer garden. Just let the ground rest and you too. I did not realize how hot you guys get over there. I think tea towels make a nice gift. Jo-anns is where I purchased mine. I think you were on a good start on your embroidery. Hope you get to do more. Thanks for your comment too. Have a wonderful evening.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hug*
I love that. Isn't it neat to learn something new? Watercolour is such a nice effect. Great.
I hope you hear back with a job offer and before the 3 weeks is up...
No garden this summer? Well...I can understand it must be difficult in the hot heat of summer...and you will be working :o)...AND embroidering too.

My mom is back...a week ago...our weather was 60F today...very pleasant but windy...

have a great evening

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You have a new look....I have a feeling I'm really late to the party, when did you change your header? Please, don't tell me 6 months ago. I can be so UNobservant it is scary. I am trying to play with zentangle-y looking drawing but I'm not sure what the difference is between doodles and zentangles. Are you? I have asked a couple people but they couldn't give me an answer. Your's are fun and I like the idea of playing with shapes.

Teri Casper said...

Julie!!! I love it!! You did a great job on your zen. I am proud of you. Yes, a smoother paper works the best.

Remember when you were so busy a while ago? Enjoy the time now.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your zentangle is good Julie. I can see you making a sampler and then framing it for a gift. Anyone would love to have your sampler as a gift. You can think of it as a fancy zentangle.

marianne said...

This is perfect for a first try!
You sound so busy that I doubt if you have time to work....? Will you still be sitting the grands?
I bet they will all miss you. Hope you are getting a nice job dear ♥

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

That's a Beautiful zentangle... lovely shape and colours... wonderful Julie :)