Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lazy embroidery, and organized craft storage area!!!

This beautiful vintage fabric (and about 10 others I brought home with me) were in my Moms craft/sewing room! I decided, I wanted to be lazy and just embroider on an already established I am doing it. Just started tonight...and am loving it. So relaxing to have no cares...just start filling in. I plan to just make quick decisions, and add other details as they come to me. Very carefree, and perfect for summertime stitching. I don't know about you all, but trying to do much serious decision making in full dead of heat summer here, is impossible...I am just strapped inside in the a/c. So during my few down times, this is what I am whiling away the time doing!!! I will share it again later as I progress.

BTW, I love this one particular thread I had never used or seen before...I believe it is called a Brazilian thread called Lola...rayon. It has a sheen to it, and it is so easy to pull through the fabric. No strands to separate...just cut and go. I thought I might like to become their major saleswoman for this product, but then I found that it is sold out in some online sources! I guess they don't need my sales skills! :)

This larger shelf with all the new storage bins was a huge disaster area a few days ago. I asked daughter is she would get it cleaned up and organized for me, and she said YES!!! We measured the space, went to Target, bought 4 of these containers...each is three drawers that measure 13x13, so scrapbook papers are no problem...4 of these just fit perfectly! She did a great job, and even labelled each drawer. What a gal!!! Below that you will see the grandkids newly cleaned up and organized "home library", which they just love!

Stay cool in this summer heat, and if any of you want to start embroidering, let me know so I can come see!
Love Julie


messyfish said...

love the embroidery! glad to be blogging again. I have missed so much of your life :-(

ruhunaa said...

Very nice work. you can get more samples designs at

soulbrush said...

I used to love embroidering and crosstitiching too, but my eyes aren't good enough anymore. This is going to be so lovely- show it when done Julie.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I used to do some crewel embroidery. I love what you are doing and it makes me (almost) want to drag out the needles and hoop. :) Love your organized space. I could do with some organizing too. It seems like just when you think you have it all together you find more "stuff" to organize. Cheers.

gaianursery said...

Hi Julie, great call with staying inside with the air-con on, while the heat is being so bad, I would definitely be doing the same thing; extreme heat can make people very grumpy, I speak for myself anyway. The embroidery's looking great, you've taken the photo when you've completed the aries symbol, which is cool for me! :-) It's so much nicer when things are neat and sorted, and lucky you for having some helping hands! Thanks for sharing a great post! Best wishes. :-)

Jeannette said...

Sounds very relaxing, enjoyable and stress free. I was given a bit of Lola thread myself when I took a Brazilian embroidery glass. You're right, it is very nice to use and has a lovely sheen.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
That is a really good way to look at doing your embroidery...and I can feel the relaxation in your words. It is going to be amazing I know because it WILL flow won't it...thats the fun way to work on a boundaries or instructions just go with the flow.

I hope you are doing well...I think of you and hope you are...*hugs*.

Wonderful job with daughter.. :o)

553943c8-3927-11e0-acaf-000bcdcb2996 said...

That is a great idea Julie! The fabric reminds me of mid 70's home ec class.
We've had some days here in Iowa where they told us we needed to go to Florida to get cooler. July has had like 8 or 9 days of 100* or better. So unusual for us, and soo dry.
Think of you and your mom often. I know you miss sharing things with her.
Have a good week!

Julie said...


Thanks for your comment! I guess it is blazing hot everywhere!!! I also had home ec in the early 70's...and really loved it...I had probably bought this fabric myself back then! Still love it now! :)

Stay cool!

Bobbie Lynn said...

thanks for reminding me also to redo my craft supplies.

latha said...

Lovely works..neat and perfectly done....