Thursday, July 26, 2012

Periwinkles, Roses, and a Lizard Friend

Nothing influences you like the wishes (especially sweet ones) of your precious grandchildren!!! Going against my efforts to go all perennial, Donovan REALLY WANTED to pick out a few periwinkles yesterday at Home Depot! Of course, Grandma Julie said "Yeah, OK...sounds good, Mr."! So here are 4 new ones, one reddish, one purple (violet), one light and one dark pink. I wanted a white, but none were available. I just got them into a tire this morning, while to was still bearable to go outside...(heat and mug)... Should be very pretty in a few weeks!

Oh, Home Depot no longer carries miniature roses...I have to go to Lowes or an independent nursery. Interesting.

Here are a few shots of my miniature yellow roses...gosh they are so fun! You deadhead, and BAM...a few hours later, you are seeing tons of buds! This could be enough to EVER keep me from returning to work! LOLOL. Yeah. Right.

This pink one below is what the buds sometimes look like in the early stages! Strange, eh??? Then they turn yellow. So sweet.

Here is a little friend who met me this morning, and seemed to be unafraid as I spoke to him, and got closer for a photo...he was out a'courtin...with a lot of dancing and flapping of his dewlap! So amazing.


Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
What a perfect plant for kids to grow. Periwinkles are flowers that my Mother grew in her garden and I only remember the light purple ones. The container will be overflowing with color real soon.
Your lazy embroidery is really coming out nice. Great idea of filling in areas of printed fabric with texture. I never tried Brazilian embroidery but have seen some amazing work. Your photo of the lizard is great. : )
Have a wonderful day.

Teri Casper said...

Such beautiful blooms and your lizard looks pretty amazing and kind of big. Is that orange thing his dewlap?

Susan said...

Those periwinkles that Donovan picked out are going to look really nice in your tire. I've got some of those mini roses too and they're wonderful!

Penny said...

What a wonderful lizard. We will be hot sooner than I would like.

Serena Lewis said...

Such pretty flowers!! And your lizard friend is quite dashing!

Have a lovely weekend ~ xo

Rohrerbot said...

That's a cool looking lizard....and the miniature roses are very pretty. I tried them here with little success but I don't think they like my area too much. Lady Banks is the smallest I can get but that can grow into a monster rose vine/bush! Have a good night!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What pretty roses. I wonder what kind of lizard that is??? It is quite handsome. You are the best Grandma.

walk2write said...

Your roses look so sweet! Great photos. I'm growing an antique rose called Spice in my garden, and it's doing very well so far. The flowers and stature of the shrub are rather small, almost miniature. It was a gift for volunteering, and that makes me cherish it even more.

So that's what the bubble-like thing on lizards is called! Thanks for naming it.

Marla Robb said...

Love those lizards with dewlaps!