Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swirled fingernails and paper fun!

My daughter came upon videos of a really fun trick to try with fingernail painting. We tried it , and it really is a fun to try! Here is a video if you would like to have some swirled nails!

I tried my thumbs only, and here is a shot of one of them!

Ignore that bit of dark red paint on the tip of my nail, as I got that on there later when I began to do a similar technique on the surface of the water and placed index cards on top to make postcards! If you add some glittery or metallic polishes to the mix, it adds a lot to the finished product! Of course, if you go large scale, you can just buy larger cans of oil based paints to use...but for small projects, the fingernail polish works great!

These are a few inchies I cut out of index cards to try the process with, and when my 7 year old grandson saw them, he asked if he could take one to his teacher at summer camp! I ended up making him some postcard sized ones then. The inchies are adorable though...

I am definitely going to try some red, white and blue ones today! I will be back to show you the results!
Meanwhile here are some swirled ones for the holiday at "Flaunt Me, Because I've Got It", for you to check out!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!
xoxo- Julie


Dewdrop Gardens said...

Very cool! And a lot cheaper than going to the salon. Looks like it would take a while to do, but I doubt any longer than the salon would be! Will have to give this one a try...thanks for the post! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Julie, you and daughter are always doing something fun. Happy 4th.

shirley said...

Isn't this just amazing Julie, I will look forward to seeing the 4th july nails. Very clever of you.