Friday, March 13, 2009

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana bed!

Well I got busy today and planted something in the little front garden by the door (the one I had cleaned out prior to going on my trip)! I did a second clean out of a few larger bushes that I could not get out without dragging out the this morning I pulled out a lantana with fairly large roots, and a Porterweed about the same size. I relocated a green Lariope, and then I had room for the colorful blooming kalenchoes! It was the only thing that I felt could stay alive here this summer, with barely zero rainfall, and the extreme temperatures of summer. We have a 2 day per week watering schedule also, so even that does not help much! I know these things will lose their blooms, but they way I figure it, by that time, I can pick up a few annuals to fill in...we shall see. These Kalenchoe are the ones that have 26 petals on each flower...and the middle ones are a light pink color. The blooms make you think of little rose buds!!!

They will spread like hotcakes, and I hope I never have to do much with this bed ever again. Tomorrow I need to spread the mulch. Sorry about the dirt on the sidewalk...and bunny looks like he has been burrowing with all the dirt he has on him...I had just watered and wanted to wait to sweep off the sidewalk till it dried a bit.

You can see how far over the edge the large lantana and porterweeds hung...blocking sun to the now I have to get my grass re-filled in! What a pain!!! I hope I will still see a few Monarchs coming around with all my Porterweed gone! I'm keeping my fingers clossed!

Happy weekend everybody!!!


Teri C said...

It looks beautiful already! Love that bunny in there.

Margaret Ann said...

This is going to be beautiful...has a good start already! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a colorful flower bed with those kalanchoes all abloom. I think this looks great. I hope it performs as you want it to.

Cathy said...

Cute Bunny, Love the Kalanchoes,
It would be so nice if we could
only plant them in our gardens down
here.. Well at least I can keep them
in pots indoors. I dread the pruning
of all the branches outside today!
It is back breaking isn't it?

soulbrush said...

oh you must be in gardeners heaven.what a great feeling this spring time is. see my blog for a new award 'sister'.

Jaren said...

What a lovely plot! You made your bunnies very happy.

Anonymous said...

There are some pretty kalanchoes out in the stores right now for sure, and that bed looks lovely. I bought a yellow bougainvillea standard today, and as much as I know those yellow lantanas get out of hand, I could not resist. I am glad you are back safe and sound from your trip, and that you had a good time.

marianne said...

Wonderful front garden!
I have hay fever, but it still feels like winter here, time for some sunshine. I really need to clean up my garden, but I need a nice day for that!

Aiyana said...

This will be just spectacular when it's all filled in. Good work!

Green thumb said...

Love your new template,dear Julie.

Kalanchoes are excellent plants for one's garden. Displaying lovely blooms in profusion,they are non exacting in nature. And your cute bunny looks so comfortable with them!

Best Wishes

Serena said...

OH, how pretty the garden bed looks....that might be just the plant for my garden.

Pokeberry Mary said...

So pretty--Love your clovers on the blog and Emily--wow--6 months already! Amazing. What a gorgeous little dress!!
I've been so busy lately, it was great to just peak at your succulents and mini-flowers today.