Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh...that was the longest drive EVER!!!

WOW...we thought we would never get much water everywhere, bridges and places to see!!! We stopped at this McDonalds and it had these cute tiki huts inside, and really cute bahama fans! We decided it was the cutest Micky D's we had ever seen!

Next we stopped at John Pennycamp State Park. The glass bottom boats to the coral reef areas was going to take 2.5 hours, so we enjoyed the visitors nature center, and gift shop. We started to take the nature hike, but decided we do enough of that same type of stuff at home, and wanted to make take getting down to Key we departed there. Below is some coral stuff we took a pic of in a tank...nice color, eh???

I thought these pretty kayaks against the Atlantic Ocean made such a pretty picture at Bahia Honda State Park!

A sweet little butterfly garden there, which featured the Blue Miami Butterfly, and Monarchs! The Blue Miamis are white with a hint of blue...very sweet little things! I have Monarchs all in my yard at home, so they were not as interesting to me. We never could get a good picture of one of them...they are fast moving little buggers!!!

And a pic of the beach there at Bahia Honda...the water varied green- clear bright blue, and every shade between...all varied, and add in white areas where we saw a lot of sandbars! The water is DEFINATELY not the same color at home!!! Clear and gorgeous here in the Keys!!!

This was a little place off the beaten path that I had read about on the internet prior to coming down. It was at the Key Deer Refuge just before you cross over onto No Name Key...yes, that really is what it is called. Sadly we drove all through that refuge and never saw one deer! They are the smallest of the whitetailed deer. This little pub is so interesting...they claim to have "The Best Pizza in this Universe"...and it's true!!! We has the Key West Shrimp Pizza, with white sauce, rather than red...and it was to die for!!!

My daugher and I took a few pics, and I got this one with her in it taking a picture! The ceiling is coated from up top, and down the walls, in every nook and one dollar bills that customers have put there over the years! Many have been drawn or written on. You feel like you are in a dark, small cave when you are in there, and as much as we enjoyed it, I was ready to get back out in the sunshine and fresh air!

So we are now in our hotel, and taking naps! I drove 8 hours in the end...and that was just from Miami to here! Of course, with many stops and fun in between, but now we are dead dog tired!!! Tomorrow we see all of Key West, and then drive home on Thursday! If I am not too tired I will check in again tomorrow night.

Did I tell you we shopped at South Beach for hours yesterday afternoon and ate sushi at this ultra groovy place, where the sushi comes around to you on little boats??? Oh, goodness, that was cool!!! The sushi was the best we ever ate...and now, since it only took us 2 hours to drive to Miami, we plan to be back for more of that place!!! I think I could get used to the hustle bustle of has such an energy to it, and is so much darn fun.


Teri C said...

It sounds like a wonderful and eventful vacation!! Thanks for sharing all the fun.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great pictures. It looks like you girls are having a great time.

My Little Family: said...

I've been there! I really liked Key West and Bahai park. I have a funny story about the park.

Hermes said...

What great pictures (I love that sea and coral) - enjoy your break.

messyfish said...

Oh I needed a holiday so baaad, and now I feel like I have been on one! what a wonderful post! I especially like the pizza and sushi stories. The pic of your daughter is priceless! Do you eat key lime pie in key west? hmmm I love that ....

Scriptor Senex said...

Sounds fantastic - Love the kayak photo - very imaginative.

Claude said...

here it's raining. It's going to be raining all weekend. It's 42 degrees outside, and my back yard has turned into a cold muddy swamp. Then you show me THESE pictures.

Now what did I do to you?

LOL just kidding. Glad to see you're enjoying your trip!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Looks like great weather over there. Neat Photos and thanks for sharing with us.

Margaret Ann said...

Super shots....Loved seeing the sea...can't remeber the last time I was near water...

A paradise vacation for sure!

marianne said...

I saw the pictures before but it is fun to read what it is all about!
The Mac is tropically nice!
And i love that Pub, the boats the ocean, well I guess I love it all.
What a good time you had with your daughter!
You live in such a nice part of the States!
If I drive for 8 hours I will be way down in France!
My friend marja drove 10,5 hours and now she is in her second home in France and has gorgeous weather!

Serena said...

I'm so jealous!!! What a fun trip!!