Saturday, July 4, 2009

F= FrIlLy FaNTaNgLe

After being up half the night with Ms. Doozey being a silly girl and wanting to play all night...AND pre-coffee this morning....I started to frehandedly draw/doodle in my sketchbook for the F page...I decided to use fans in a circular pattern and kept adding little bits and turned it into a FANTANGLE of sorts! I added a buterfly sticker (too lazy to draw one this time), and also found some alphabet Mary Englebreit I went back and added the letter sticker for each page up till now...I like this has a fairy on it!!!

Now I am off to Lowes for fertilizer, Round Up (spraying vines on the back fence...EVIL vines, mind you...and some fence cleaner and other various and fun things....continuing yard work through today. Tomorrow morning am embarking on a little 5 day trip around Florida to places we have never been to before...and I plan to take a box of fun stuff with me to make some ATC's in each city. I can never sleep in a hotel until really late, so it is a wonderful thing to make ATC's while hubby sleeps! Will have my camera, so you will probably be seeing a few interesting things in the next week (at least to me, probably)! LOL!
Happy 4th of July everybody!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your fandangle. Have fun on your trip. I will look forward to seeing some of the sights through your eyes.

Dee said...

Love your festive 4th of July blog look! Sounds like you are in for a busy day. The ATC is just beautiful! Happy 4th of July!

soulbrush said...

fabadabadoo. aaaw we were all so sorry you couldn't join us with our atc group swap. maybe next time. have been to the health shop and got some aloe vera, drink twice a day. here goes....have a great time and waiting to see your productions.

Teri C said...


Your trip sounds like fun. I'll be looking for your posts.

marianne said...

Lovely page you have created there!
I will work in the garden this morning too.
Have a FUN trip Julie!
Can't wait to see your ATC's and Pictures!


Pudgeduck said...

Hope you are having a great time! Love your page!

Bethany said...

you are a fantastic doodler!