Wednesday, July 22, 2009

List slashing and grill cleaning attempts!

Just call me "The Slasher" with all of the list making and slashing things off that I have been doing the last few days! All of my lists of things to be done before the kids get here!

I got the latest idea on cleaning the grill racks tonight...and from several sources...2 live people and the internet! This method is to throw your racks out in the grass in the evening and place newspapers over top and wet them down with the hose and leave overnight...everyone said something about how the dew keeps them wet all night, and by morning you can just hose them off! I really don't think I believe the hosing off part...but I did learn another very cool trick that I just tried tonight...and believe me, I LOVE THIS ONE!

Instead of using a wire brush on your grill racks (which in my estimation, just moves the grime and grossness around a little)...try scrubbing with a balled up peice of aluminum foil! It works! And you end up with clean foil at the end too...all the stuff falls off and no grime build up like with the wire brush! It is a miracle! You can just throw your foil in the trash and use a fresh bit each time. Yeah...I love clean!!!

My racks are out on the grass, covered and waiting for the magic to happen! Can't wait till morning's light to check them out! Full report to follow!!!

I am working tomorrow, then off Friday. Getting all my last minute work things my time sheet is due this week...musn't forget my paycheck!!! Oh lawsy...I am so excited about the kids arriving tomorrow night I am coming out of my skin! OMG, OMG, OMG! I think I need some Valium or something!!! LOL!

I want to drink coffee this evening, but am afraid of what it might do to me...and you know I need my beauty sleep! Ha ha ha!!!

My sweet children are sound asleep right now in Germany, but I think they will be waking in only one to two hours to go to the airport! Oh goodie, goodie gumdrops!!!

Please fly safe, Mr. Pilot, and let them have an uneventful flight across the big pond! I am not even Catholic, but I have my Rosary Beads out tonight!!!

God bless each of you out there in Blogland...and thanks for listening to me ramble on in my hyper-excited state!!!!!


Cindy said...

Thinking of you during these last days of preparation and waiting. I can feel your excitement.

Oh, and want to know how we clean our greasy barbecue grills? We put ours out on the lawn, too, then we let the dogs have a go at 'em!

Julie said...

Cindy- LOLOL! Great idea!! I may have to try this...although I have a really small doggy tongue here! May not accomplish much! Ha ha ha!

Bobbie Lynn said...

I’m excited for you Julie and I will say a prayer for a safe and good flight. Wishing you and your family happy days together and it is good to hear that you have Friday off. Always fun to have an extra day added to the weekend. Thanks for sharing with us.
: )

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- A prayer for your family for safe arrival! Have a wonderful time with your family!

Julie said...

Thanks all!!!