Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Florida trip- Day 4!!!

Today we spent the day exploring around in Ocala National Forest. I was searching for the illusive Praying Mantis! My friend out in California, Cindy, from Bug Safari challenged me to possibly find one in Florida! Since I've not seen one in years and years in south Florida, I thought I would look around in North Florida. I even stopped in at the ranger station to inquire about them, and the best I could get from two different rangers was that you have to be patient, they show up very sporatically, and one of the rangers has seen both the "walking stick" varieties and the green Praying Mantis' in her own yard!!! This was encouraging to hear! YEAH...they are alive here!

The only thing worthy of a picture today (it was another lightly drizzly rainy day)...was this lovely, juicy looking caterpiller! Sadly I do not know what type of tree I found him in...maybe someone recognizes the leaves??? I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to I.D. it, and to no avail! I was both creeped out and intregued by these unbelievable creatures! I really HAVE TO KNOW what this type of caterpillar is, and what it will turn into! If anyone out there can I.D. it...please let me know!!! Maybe you, Cindy??? The body is smooth with bands of yellow, black, yellow stripes and each set of that is separated by a bristly orange hairy section! Click to make it big to really see close!

Tomorrow we head home...and I get to see my Doozey dog again! I did buy her a chewy toy/treat at a cute little pet shop in St. Augustine...a corn cob shaped Nylabone chewy thing that is supposed to be good for their teeth...It smells like bacon...I hope she will like it!

I got the smallest one here just for my sweet baby girl!!!
See ya later everyone!


Outside In said...

Those are Oleander caterpillars, hope you are having fun!

Serena said...

can't help you with the caterpillar ID but a great pic, julie! too bad you didn't find a praying mantis....we have heaps here.

i'm sure doozey will be so happy to see you again!

i'm off to read your other posts on your trip now ~ :)

Teri C said...

Yeuck! that caterpillar looks gruesome. I bet Doozey is going to be as happy to see you as you are him.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like fun fun fun. That caterpillar is a doozey too.

yoon see said...

These cute corn tools are so fascinated and I enjoy following your Florida trip from day 1-4!

I really love those shots that you shared Julie.

marianne said...

What a great toy!
Did Doozey like it?
Bet she was sooooo happy when she saw you!
Welcome home!

Julie said...

Marianne- Doozey does like it...she is sort of getting used to it...she has never had a chewy thingy like this before...but she sort of guards it too, which is so cute! I guess it is sort of like a bone to her!

Dee said...

These look great. Since I am over-run with dogs here and one of them has a definite chew problem, I'll have to look for these. My dogs go nuts over chicken jerky. I put it in the food processor and make chicken jerky dust and sprinkle it on their dry food- dog heaven!

Bethany said...

What a great treat. I know my Roscoe would go crazy for this!