Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthdays planned for tomorrow!

I went outside this evening and took pics of my succulent tires in the dark, to share,.... but for some reason Blogger is not letting my photos upload tonight! That's rich! Right when I get an urge to do something! LOL!

Oh well. Another day.

Tomorrow will be a little celebration of my granddaughers 1st birthday (a little late, since she was sick on her big day)...and my son's birthday which is on Monday.

I am making brownies, and frosting them...half pink with sprinkles, and half white (cream cheese icing) with manly candles! I bought a big number "1" candle for the top of Emilys brownie! I have gift bags for both, and a new tetherball for our pole wrapped up so Donovan has something to open as well. It will be fun.

We are going to a place where kids can play on soft gym-like stuff, and the grown-ups drink coffee. It is called A Latte Fun! It has a cafe inside an looks like wireless internet, so you can eat and play all together!

We went out to our chinese buffet this evening. Normally I pick out all of the vegetables, and tonight I added fried shrimp. They were very good...really nice seasoning!

My eyes are getting will talk you you later! Have a fun weekend!!


Hermes said...

Happy Birthdays - have a great weekend.

Green thumb said...

Thanks for letting us sneak-a-peek in your cute and exciting Monday schedule. Hope you have lots of fun. And yes before I sign off - You are the world's cutest blogger in Blogdom.

Teri C said...

Happy birthday to both. Sounds like fun!!

soulbrush said...

oooh happy boifday (again) little cutie emily june and of course sinny boy too. what a plresure it is for gran that is obvious, photos please if you can, is she walking yet??

CAROLANN said...

can't wait for the photos

Anonymous said...

I sure do want to see those photos my friend! I hope you did not get rained out today. It has been soggy here. I keep saying, I am just so happy for you Julie. Some day I am going to get down your way and take you to lunch. It's about time, don't you think? After all, we are not so far apart. You have inspired me right from the beginning to keep at it, and I am truly grateful for your continued inspiration.