Saturday, September 5, 2009

Healthy family and cactus too!

The little family (my son's) is all well and healthy again! Thank God! They all look so beautiful to me, I could cry! My son snapped these pics tonight with his new I-Phone, and they are so sharp and pretty! (Great subject matter)!!!

Emily June with her daddy, and Donovan below with his new lightsaber!

My son made us some delicious grilled chicken tonight, and we added a few side dishes, and had some cheesecake for dessert! They had come by in the morning and ended up hanging out with us the whole day today!!! Talk about lucky!!! I loved having the grads here...oh goodness...sheer happiness! What a great start to a three day weekend!

I had only found out (or come to the realization) that I was off on Monday, at around 4pm Friday...towards the end of my work day. Boy, talk about a nice surprise!!! And talk about surprises...look at what I saw out the corner of my eye when I got home yesterday! Growth on the cactus pad I had taken from the cut down prickly pear! It seems to have come out of nowhere! It was just sitting there for such a long time (months)...and now we see such good progress! I am elated! It is a spineless variety and soon I will have quite a plant right at my front door! The little projections you see all over it are actually little soft leaves! Yee-Haw!!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Claude said...

I was gonna write and ask you about that prickly pear the other day, but I figured that what with the grandkids moving in, then out, and then getting sick you probably had better things to worry about than some darned fool cactus.

And I just reread that scentence and it looks like my Texas is coming out... I'll leave it though.

yoon see said...

Happy Holiday weekends to you dear Julie, sorry to drop by late:)
Wow! Your son and his daugther looking radiant, so happy together!

Your garndson is playful with his new toy the lightsaber. He is strong just like this IF week title "strong"! Look at him, so engrossedly into the game, love his cool posture here!

I have watched the video, thanks it's very inspiring!

Thanks for your kind wishes, I wish you and all too have a wonderful holiday weekends yeah!

Hermes said...

Lovely post. Glad all is well again.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your cactus tree is growing like your family. :) It is so nice to have your Grands so close now. Have a great weekend.

soulbrush said...

oh thank you so much for letting us know, am so very glad they are all well, it was the move and the changes that did it for them all. 'isn't life grand with the grands?' just made that

My Little Family: said...

Well sounds like you are having a great weekend!

Ashraf shreif said...

Hello Julie
you have beautiful family and happy
thank for God .
I hope every health for all your family and a nice time with them

Pudgeduck said...

Your Son looks so young!!!Glad to see the prickly pear growing!

Aiyana said...

I'm amazed how much your grandbaby looks like you--from the one photo I saw. Very cute! Son is good looking too!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, Aiyana...I hope she doesn't look like ME!!! LOL. She REALLY looks like her mama!