Thursday, September 10, 2009

My bad!

I must be considered the world's most terrible blogger! LOL. I just have no excuse for my lack of posting, other than sheer laziness! No time or energy for art, picture taking, and REALLY not much to write about these days! I do, however LOVE visiting all your blogs and saying hi. You guys are GREAT bloggers, and you keep me entertained every evening! Do you think I might have an internet addiction???

Since the kids and grands moved out, I suppose I have been sort of thrown into a sort of shock, and not really knowing what to do with myself. Going from all to nothing. It will take time to get balanced out again for me. I kinda like being the MOM of the UNIVERSE, and once they are grown and out of the house...guess ain't that anymore!!!

The heat around here has me house bound when not at work. No urge to be out even one minute in the yard. I did get my succulent tires weeded out yesterday immediately after I stepped out of the car from work, and before I even went into the house. Yeah! They look so pretty now out my kitchen window!

We will probably spend the day or at least part of it with the kids on Saturday, and then Sunday my best friend is fixing up her first house ever! She just closed on it last week, and it had been in forclosure, so she is having to do quite a bit of repair work. Sunday is the painting party! She got her whole new a/c system in today, so now the paint will actually stick to the walls and we can continue where we left off! (We had started painting, but had to quit when it would not cool well enough in the house). Too hot and muggy here to paint this time of year.

So the weekend is planned out already. Maybe I can take some pics and show you some shots of her home and cute pool area. She also has the neatest window arrangement in her kitchen, over looking the pool area! It feels like you are on a tropical vacation every minute there! I am so happy for her in this great house in a lovely area, and at such a wonderful price!!!

My floors need to be mopped. I need to do a weekly mop right before the kids come over so little Emily June has clean floors to crawl around on. Mopping is one of the most hated chores for me! It will get done, without fail tomorrow night.

Now, I will tell you that I have been having the urges that come to me every year in craft with fabric...make stuff...whatever comes to mind. I have been thinking about making some of these cute little stuffed animals you can find on other handed and adorable! I love looking at them on ETSY. Of course, they are just one more thing to sit around my house that I don't need, and totally worthless...but yet, the urge persists! I hate sewing too...the only time I can bear it, generally, is in August for some reason. I suppose the fall bug comes to visit, but it is very short-lived in this regard (sewing)! Ha!

I think...after cleaning out my tires...that cacti are very irritating to me. I got poked and needled as I was weeding, no matter how careful I was...and got so p-o'd over it. These plants are really something else! I think I MUST prefer succulents without spines!!!

As far as cooking goes, either my husband has done it, or mostly we have gone out to eat...sheer laziness again. No good recipes to share here, and no great pictures of lovely food items I have created. I did make some fairly decent oatmeal cookies the other night, but we ate a few, and I took the rest to the kids. Donovan enjoyed them, my DIL said. I'm glad.

So, here I sit on my little rosy couch...everyone else in bed...with my Doozey Sugar Pie by my side...not sleepy...glad tomorrow is Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you around here again soon, and with something interesting to share!!!



Lynn said...

Well for goodness sakes you went a whole two days without posting and you are beating yourself up over THAT???? Silly you.

I love that you come to my blog and leave your wonderful uplifting comments, thank you very much.

And you have grandkids close enough to see and bake cookies for?
So they are not under your heels 24/7. That must have been exhausting.

And wouldn't Emily just LOVE a little stuffed animal that YOU made just for her? I believe so.
So I hope you get started on it post haste. Or at least this weekend sometime or Monday.
And have fun doing it too.

Careful of those ole pokey cacti.
Just take photos of them, don't try to move them...OUCH!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- I am in the same boat!!What happened to us? Not a thing to post! I'm hoping I'll get photo's and something interesting to blog about after my trip!

Evelyn Howard said...

Agree with Lynn, I'm sure Emily June would just love a stuffed animal friend! I love looking at stuff on Etsy too, and if you are not careful, you might end up opening a shop yourself (I have!)

Happy weekend to you too - sounds like it's going to be a fun one for you.

Teri C said...

I know exactly how you feel. After my quilt project and company all weekend I am still trying to get organized!

Thanks for being such a faithful visitor to my blog.

I know you will have a fun weekend,

Urban Green said...

Glad to see you back with all the updates.

Have a happy weekend too...