Friday, September 18, 2009

Late night thoughts

Good evening!
I am sitting here with Doozey Dog, all alone with hubby and daughter asleep! The hum of the a/c was a little too quiet, so I turned on Anderson Cooper for some company! I really hate watching the news, but every once in a while I will. Too depressing.

Today I finally watered all of my little succulents in the screenroom with a half strength liquid indoor houseplant fertilizer. They seem to like it. While doing that, I decided to switch out my kitchen window plants (which had been the ones Claude had sent me)...I moved them out into slightly higher light, and decided to bring in my absolutely GORGEOUS variegated gasteria! Doesn't it just look so exotic? It has grown so much on the past year...(well...very slow growth, but yet steady). I think it has a sort of classical a rose. It just seems so pleasing to my eye. I have a real love for this one!

Here is something fun that I ran across tonight!

10% of proceeds go to animal shelter. These sock animals are a sort of new passion for me! I saw a book at Micheals Craft store last night and was very excited to see animals made out of all sorts of crazy socks! Then I found this gal, who makes them for the animal shelter. Alright...that is a great cause! You can see them here at Adopt a Sock. Hope you enjoy!

If I ever make a sock pet, you will be the first to know! Maybe this weekend...


Serena said...

Hi Julie,

I'm finally finding time to catch up on some of my fave blogs since I've been absent.

I don't like watching the news either and usually just find out bits and pieces from my Mum or my kids. Like you, I found it too negative and depressing.

Love your succulents and that sock animal is adorable! Thanks for the link. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doozey appears to be asking why you are up so late?? I think your plant is gorgeous. Unusual coloring.

Evelyn Howard said...

Wow, the yellow of the gasteria is stunning!

yoon see said...

Hi Julie,
thanks for sharing.
Wow! Your Doozey Dog is so cute, look at his radiant blue eye.

I get what you mean.
Hearing news especially those bad news made us sad and depressing.

Luckily, you found sometihing to cheer you up, these little succulents denifitely look gorgeous. I hope to see them grow!

I have checked out the Adopt a sock page. It's so inspiring. OK I check again to see whether your creative creations ready to on display there?

Bye and happy days Julie:)

Pokeberry Mary said...

Funny--I got the cutest book of patterns for baby stuff--and sock pets fit right in there. I just don't find the time though.. hmmm..

anyhoo--every time I visit your blog its prettier! Love your succulent photos and especially that pretty pink flowering thing up on top!

Teri C said...

Your plants look gorgeous!
And Doozey, what can I say, such a doll!
Have a great wekend Julie.

Anonymous said...

The Gasteria looks like many tongues. Very beautiful. I would love to see your sock animal. Anything that helps out animal shelters is a wonderful cause. Her sock puppets are pretty expensive though. Do you think so? I don't know how complicated they are, but it is a great idea. Love to Doozey from Little Buddy.

Bethany said...

Your plant is so pretty. I'm glad it makes you happy.
Oh my gosh, those sock animals are so fantastic. I love everything about it. I can't believe how much they look like the pets. I love anything that helps homeless animals. Thanks for the link!

Sarah said...

It is sarah from The World and it's Roses. I made a new blog. I don't do my old string of blogs anymore, but I promise I will keep up my new one. Come check it out. Sorry I left for like 8 months.