Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great smells and hot bread!

Well ,my late night bread baking adventure was so fun, while it lasted! My house smelled devine! The bread came out of the oven about 6:45, right when the coffee was brewing! I called my Mom (she is an early riser), and she walked over with her coffee for a peice of the action!!!

I wonder what the trick is to slashing the top of the dough before was really hard to do for me...I feel like I need something like a lazer to make a clean cut!!! Mine looked more like big craters in the top!

We cut it while warm, and slathered on the butter and had it with our coffee.

Critique of the bread: It was lacking in flavor, and had a crunchy crust at first, although not overly. It was nice right out of the oven. Now, tonight I cut a slice, and the crunch is gone, and the bread is not something I would even buy from the grocery! I will say that my sourdough starter is becoming more maybe a different recipe next time with the more powerful starter will produce a better loaf! I still need to try it toasted...that might be really great...will see in the morning!

On a down note...I have become sick...sore throat, and all clogged up...I slept about 5 hours after work, and have almost no voice now. I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow to hopefully preserve what little voice I have and get to work on Friday if I can.

So that ends this session of breadmaking at A Succulent Life!!! Bye bye for now! :)


Evelyn Howard said...

Oh Julie
More sleep will do you good... take care and I hope you get well soon.
BTW - the photos of the bread looked good, hopefully your next try will be better, more flavorsome.
It's so nice to have your mom living so close to you :)
Take care, Evelyn

Teri C said...

Oh I was getting so excited over your bread I could almost smell it (I always make bread when I am in Wisconsin) (but not in AZ).

It sounded great right out of the oven but amazing how it didn't hold up.

The whole process was very interesting Julie!

marianne said...

Oh my Julie!
Sorry to hear you are getting ill.... Get well soon!
The bread looked so beautiful too bad it didn't taste the way you had image. Well saves you a lot of work ;)

Take care of yourself now!

soulbrush said...

bread making is such an art in itself, it feels like you are now on a mission, to make the perfect loaf of bread. first tlc time and lotsa rest and hot drinks and soothing music. get well soon dear pal.

Serena said...

OH no....I'm sorry to hear you aren't well. You didn't go out in sympathy with me, did you? I do hope you feel much better over the next few days, Julie. (((Hugs)))

I can't give you any advice re. the breadmaking because I've never made a loaf of bread in my life but your bread sure looked yummy in the pic. :)

Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. So much of that going around right now.

Interesting experience with your bread. Did you put a pan of water in the oven as you baked it? That will produce a crunchy crust. If you put the bread in a baggie after cutting it, the crust will definitely get softer -- which isn't always good. Maybe storing cut side down but in a more open container would be better. Odd how the taste didn't hold up. I don't get that at all. I really liked the taste of mine, so try the overnight recipe on my site.I used a really sharp knife on the top of mine to get the slices. I do know that the starter gets stronger with time. I think the consistency of your bread looks beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh gosh. I will have to go have breakfast now. Unfortunately I won't have that wonderful smell wafting through the house.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh Julie, so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. : ( I hope the day off from work will help. I want to say congrats to you on your bread making. I have been saying to myself every year that I’m going to make some home made bread. The bread from the photo looks wonderful and perfect in shape too. Good luck on your next recipe. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I hope you will try the small album. I think you will enjoy do one too.

Feel better soon.
Bobbie Lynn

yoon see said...

Dear Julie,
You have some creative baking lately. Look so good and you really enjoyed it and share it here.
I can feel it too. I hope I ca drop by and steal a piece.e..He..
Happy weekends in advance yeah!
Are you ready for more breads and cakes making? Please...please
I really like bread with coffee, hot chocolate!
Yum, with someore butter on.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I like a crunch crust. What a gorgeous bread. I am always tempted to try bread baking, but I know I would snarf the whole thing by myself. I hope you keep experimenting. I'll live vicariously through you.

Claude said...

Your starter will develop more flavor as it ages... It's still very young. Also, using high gluten flour, or whole wheat flour might help a bit.

Grandma always used a very sharp straight razor to cut the slashes on the top.

Pudgeduck said...

It looks yummy!!! I'm to lazy to bake.... sounds like Claude has made it before!! He always has great tips for just about anything!!!

Bethany said...

Looks yummy. Loved reading about your bread adventure. I'm sure you'll get the right mix. Hope you feel better super soon. Thanks for always leaving such sweet little comments on my blog. They are gifts to me, little treats.