Friday, October 23, 2009

Yard Sweep!

I had such a week from H-E DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICKS, that by the time I got home, I grabbed a beer and decided to go outside and take pictures of anything blooming in my yard. Anything you see with a bloom on it, is LITERALLY the only things blooming in my hot, sandy soiled, dry yard. It's rather dismal. I found some interesting plant patterns as I walked around, and decided to include these, and other things that caught my eye! I hope you will see something interesting, and if any artists out there see anything inspiring, feel free to draw, paint or sculpt, and let me see it!!! My plants love to inspire artists and poets!!!

In no order whatsoever:
Here is my twisty cactus sent to me from Claude...I am twirling it in the sun (it gets eastery sun every morning, so I turn it a quarter turn every 2 weeks or so, and it is starting to twirl...such fun! Sorry Claude!!! (I think it is so cute)!

Here is the top of one of my Mexican Sunflower bushes! This one bush just started blooming away a few days ago...none of the other ones are, but this one just felt like it, I suppose! LOL!

And a close up of a few flowers on that bush! These things are about 14 ft. high and are due for a trimming, but I just hate doing it cause there goes the blooms!

I caught Mr. Bunny hiding out between the Kalenchoes and the Thai Pepper plant! My cat, Baby loves to come out an lay in this area with Mr. Bunny quite often! They are BFF's.

I found three (only three) hibiscus on all of my 6 bushes! Dismal, I tell ya! Lack of water and fertilizer, Tootsie! My bad.

Can you see at least two thai peppers on my plant??? It is covered...looks like it will have 100 peppers at least!!!

The next three pics are three varieties of Jasmine on my side and front fence. One is variegated, one is Confederate Jasmine, and I forgot what the other one is called.

Here is a close up shot of some of my Oyster Plants for Evelyn. ;)

How about the patterns in the trunks of the Philedendrons??? Pretty beautiful, I think!

The leaves of the Philedendrons are huge...about 3.5 ft long!!! They are beautiful leaves too, don't you think?

Here are a few shots of the Gloriosas! They truely live up to their name! GLORIOUS!

Here is a stalk of the purple/pink colored Ti plants! These grow in the same bed as the purple and green oyster plants and I love the look with my yellow house in the background!

Last, but not least is the star of the drought conditions...the white Periwinkles! They can take the full sun, the heat, and no darn water! These plants are like cast iron! They are my new absolute favorite if you want reliable blooming action year- round with no water. There you have it...the plants, blooms and patterns of my yard right now. Have a wonderful weekend!


Evelyn Howard said...

HI Julie, lovely to see your plants.

Love the oyster plants - did you get my reply that they are the same as my Rhoeo? Different names, but same plant - just to confuse us. Would look great with the purple/pink trunk of the Ti - very nice trunk! And yes, definitely a standout from the yellow background.

Love the Gloriosas - stunning flowers. And the Philedendrons - lovely shape and green... LOL - unfortunately too big for my balcony!

Lovely! I'm seeing lots of colours in blogs - I need to get more colours into my garden...

Thanks for showing us your plants :) happy weekend.


soulbrush said...

now that's what i call a perfect way to de-stress, a walk round the plantation...and what a lot to see, lovely photos and now you can relax this weekend and see those grands! xx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you have recouperated from your honeystick kind of a day and have a wonderful weekend enjoying the few blooms of your garden.

Pudgeduck said...

That was fun! I can't believe your sunflowers-love them! Things are just starting up in my garden-you have more blooms that I do!!

Suzanne said...

I loved visiting your garden. I've never seen a twisty cactus (that I can remember) or Mexican sunflower bushes. Your hibiscus are gorgeous!

Tootsie said...

girl...your post is great! I have a philodendron like that...IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!! it's so not fair to a plant nut like me to have to live HERE!!!
have a great day...enjoy your beautiful garden!

Diane AZ said...

Hi Julie, I love seeing all the interesting plants that grow in your area. Those oyster plants, Gloriosas, and Ti plants are so cool looking. Amazing to see what can thrive in drought conditions.

Teri C said...

WOW OH WOW Julie, what beautifully colored plants!!!!!!!!!!!! Mexican Sunflower Tree??? I NEED one of those beauties.

Wonderful post.

Aiyana said...

Hi Julie,
I noticed on Claude's blog that you had a birthday recently, so happy belated birthday!
How's the weather? We are getting pretty good temps now--and my garden is liking it. However, I have very little color--I didn't bother planting anything because of the miserable, seemingly endless heat. Now I regret it! All your blooming stuff is great.

CAROLANN said...

Here's a word for you. Tessellations.
It is the word that describes the pattern on your Selloum.
My boss is one of those big word guys. Which is cool. But he uses them to try to impress or intimidate you.
He used that word when he was interviewing me for one or both of the above stated reasons. That is the only reason I am aware of what it means.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love your twisty turny cactus. A lot of my plants are twisty turny, but that is unintentional...and odd. Your's is going to be cool.

betchai said...

i love your Mexican sunflower tree. I love your sunflower and your plant collection. the gloriosas are truly glorious!

Arasu said...

I like your garden with a variety of plants. The shape of the club like cactus plant looks interesting. The red hibiscus flowers look beautiful. The Philedendrons plants look like having full of eyes(owl's?). The leaves of Philedendrons plant looks like torn cloths. We have some periwinkles near our area.

Pokeberry Mary said...

It all looks great to me! My yard/garden is a bit rough now as well--although better than I would have expected since its been semi neglected with cooler temps.

I have a bunny like yours! Its a Missus Bunny and she has 2 babes. I paint her myself the same brown you have. Funny.
She's a traveler, she's decorated gardens from Wisconsin, North Dakota, North Carolina and Now South Carolina. She's a bit worse for wear--I've had to repair her a time a two.. but she's a keeper.

Claude said...

Ok, so I had something really important and witty that I wanted to say... but then I got distracted by that ball shooting game you got up there and I've totally forgotten it...


Nice pics...

Julie said...

Thanks everyone!!!

yoon see said...

Wow! The Oyster Plants are so beautiful, I love the contrast of pastel green and pruple, so stand out!
Twisty cactus, so so cute!
Claude must be thrilled to see how it twirl into such a curl beauty!
I have a great time enjoying your sharing on these lovely plants:)
More power on plants..He..he..

Urban Green said...

Loved that red-yellow hibiscus. Beautiful shade. Mr Bunny is too cute.