Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Could today be the day???

I just discovered some Georgia Collard (Brassica oleracea Georgia) seeds I bought several months ago...and I am looking out the window at my terribly disheveled tire gardens. Hmmmmm...I think I will force myself to go out there and take apart 2 stacks of tires and move some of my succulents into the other tires. The 2 stacks left over will give me 5 tires free (there are 2 tires in one stack, and 3 in the other). I will pull them apart so that all 5 tires are on the ground and then get them planted up with collards. Just looking at them, I can see that I will plant two collards in the smaller ones and three in the larger. It says on my package that it takes 80 days to maturation, so that should have them done before it starts getting too hot here! Yeah! This should be fun.

I am having a sort of two week break from my babysitting duties right now (with granddaughter, Emmie June...since my son is having his break from college for the holidays! They still come over and hang out or we go shopping or to lunch, but I am able to sit around in the mornings and have coffee. This has been good as far as trying to rest and have time to get over this darn cough goes.

I will post pics of my new collard gardens as soon as I get them done today...(THAT WAY IT WILL HOLD ME TO IT)!!! LOL!


Teri C said...

You do get into some interesting gardening things!
Gosh, can't believe you are STILL coughing!!!

How about some healing hugs!
Headed your way.

Chris said...

Sounds like the work would be well worth it! (Easy for me to say...*Ü*) I love collards!

I posted some photos of a succulent I fell in love with over on my blog. Do you have any of these, called Table Aeoniums?

Have fun in the dirt!


Chris said...

P.S. You might recognize my blog background...LOL!

Lynn said...

Lovely greens...get well soon too. Enjoy the rest and YOU time.

Evelyn Howard said...

Welcome back Julie. Look forward to yr pics.