Saturday, December 19, 2009

Homemade cat toys for Christmas!

As some of you may remember, my friend, Karen had given me a catnip plant and I have been busy drying it for several months. I finally had to polish off the drying time using the oven, but I got it done. One the way to my Uncles recent funeral (I had three hours in the backseat of the car)...I hand cut, sewed and stuffed my first cat toy!

I had saved candy wrappers that crunch when you squish them, and my toy has one of these, some catnip, and some polyester stuffing inside. I also sewed on some stiff shiny gold ribbons, and green ribbons with a bell attached. I believe this may be the worlds most ultimate cat toy with all of these fantastic features!!! LOL.
Seriously, though, I tested this one out on my 11 year old cat, who has lost most of his spunk for living...and even he was attacking and batting it around! I have great hope for the younger kitties that I will present them too at Christmas! I need to make only two more...but I am about to pull out my sewing machine. The only part I will hand sew is the end "cap". where I stuff and attach ribbons. It is a delicate operation being so small. The whole toy is about 1.5 inches long.

I'm glad no one is waiting for me to make any other sort of thing this my current "loss of creativity" stage...I doubt if much else would materialize! Here's hoping for a much more creative 2010!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Julie, this cat toy is adorable. I am sure all cats would love it. It is all the love you put into it that makes it great.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas off so to speak. Make plans for the new year. Give yourself challenges. Your muse will return. Cheers.

Julie said...

lisa- thanks!

Lynn said...

Oh I should know better than to let Henry V read over my shoulder. Now HE wants a cat toy like these wonderful ones you are making. You can probably get a huge following on a cat toy ETSY store!

marianne said...

Oh wow!!
Taking about creativity! This is for sure.
Such a lovely idea!

Enjoy these days Julie and don't bother with having to be something. Just enjoy this Holiday!
And do fun things


soulbrush said...

when i read cat toy, i thought you meant a stuffed cat as a toy (maybe for emily). tee hee, this was a surprise. cute though. bet you will be very creative in the kitchen this xmas -you always are.

soulbrush said...

ooog forgot to say, i simply adore your blog wall paper, how did you find it? wowser!

Evelyn Howard said...

Looks really nice and cheery - very Christmassy.

My Little Family: said...

Julie, I think they look fabulous! Every cat I've had would have loved to have one.