Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm all screwed up!

My sleeping that is! Here I am wide awke at 3:15am! We went out to dinner with a friend and my Outback! Before we went we had a glass of wine. Then when we got there we had a 30 minute wait, so we got a glass of Merlot while we waited! The food was devine (as usual)...and as soon as I got home around 9:30pm, I fell asleep (soundly) on the couch!!! Then I woke at 1:30am, and here I am, still. This is what wine does to me. I don't drink it enough, and when I do it really affects me!

I have spent the last hour designing and beginning to sew an ATC...hand stitching sort of an embroidery for 2010. I wanted to do a sort of candlewicking design. using white french knots on white paper, or off white on off white. The problem is I am not sure it wouldn't be too hard to see and

I did the darn thing with 4 bright colors!!! I can see it!!!

This one will get sent out to blogger who has sent me an ATC In the past and I have never reciprocated!!! There are several of you! I apologize for being so lax. I want to get my roll going and really start participating with everyone.

Tomorrow I have more wrapping to do...I need to pick up around here, and shop for a red blouse to wear to a Christmas program tomorrow night...nothing like waiting till the last minute! Wish me luck!

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate!
xoxo- Julie


soulbrush said...

i can't even drink red wine, one glass mkakes me giggly, then sick then so hot that i want to take my clothes off!!!
i think you passed those lovely quiet hours having such fun. atcs are best!!! happy the person who gets this one.

messyfish said...

oh dear! you sound busy...and with not much sleep!! Please take care of your lovely self. I am hoping you get some sleep tonight.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you and Happy christmas to you too. I hope you find your red blouse. I also hope you get a nap today so you can enjoy your shop and entertainment.

Bethany said...

You too Julie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your succulant tires.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful containers there Julie. Merry Christmas and a best to you and your family for a wonderful 2010. : ) I hope to update my blog after the holidays. Miss you and a my favorite blogs.
Bobbie Lynn

moosh said...

I remember nights when I couldn't seep. I silently sing myself to sleep.

Arasu said...

Merry Christmas!