Saturday, December 19, 2009

Painted Bunting info and update!

Information found on the Painted Bunting (including it's song) is here:
"This gaudy bird is one of the most beautiful in North America. Its brilliant plumage made it a popular cage bird until it came under federal protection; it is still sold in the markets of Mexico and the West Indies. Despite its vivid coloration, however, it is often difficult to see as it skulks among dense thickets, although in Florida, at least, it often comes to feeding stations. Its other well-known name is "Nonpareil," meaning "without equal." This species, common in parts of the Deep South, raises as many as three broods each year. The female is one of the few bright green birds in North America."
Could you think of a prettier name than Nonpareil??? WOW...I love that!!! It has a very sweet and lively little song too!!! I am keeping my eye out today for any more sightings, but so far none! As Claude had commented about on my last post...he may have arrived to extract my collard seeds...they do that...they EXTRACT seeds! You are probably correct, Claude! I just hope some still remain in the tires!!! LOL...we shall see!!!


Lynn said...

What a colorful and beautiful bird. Will you paint it?

ericat said...

That bird is for real!? At first I thought you were joking. Beautiful. I bet they are seldom seen.