Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The bad, the wonderful, and the beautiful!

I am so pissed off!!! These dangnatious aphids are killing my okra plants. Before I knew it I had lost 3 5. I washed them all off the underleaves 2 days ago and they are back again. One of my plants, (the tallest), is ready to flower...I am so excited. My Mom brought over a long tube-like sprayer filled with some kind of poison, and I really don't want to use it. I am going to try washing them off again today and keep a close eye. I also need to re-fertilize again.

We have had a lot of rain the past week, ? due to the hurricane out in the Atlantic??? I don't really has been very breezy too, which has been a relief temperature wise...loving it!

I am sitting here watching the Weather Channel, and it looks like Florida will be spared...which I am grateful for, for sure. I sure hope Earl stays away from the entire coast. My brother is a boat captain, and is with his client's boat in New York right now, so I am watching things closely for him.

I may take myself back over to the beach and check out the wave action, and of course my newly found awesome succulents over there!!

I am working from 6pm-2am tomorrow and Friday, and then will have the weeekend off! Isn't tht awesome??? I just love my new hours...and am so grateful.

I have made over 100 beads from paper for my blog pal, Lynn over at Getting My Feet Wet, which I am sending her in return for a thank you gift she sent me! It is crazy I know, but when you hear the story, you will understand!

First, I had sent her a beautiful bracelet made by Ugandan women, which was a complete surprise for her. This was an initiative started by the beautiful Soulbrush, over in England.

Lynn then completely blew my socks off with an even bigger surprise which came in the mail. I was completely blown away! It was one of her treasure pocket books!!! Here are a few pics!

So because I recieved this unbelievable creation from her, it set me to thinking about what I could do for her...and that is how I started making her a few more beads. Not to take away from the Ugandan women...this was just for fun, and as a help to Lynn, cause she makes such neat things with all of her embellishments. I hope she will like them. I won't show a pic, so they can be a surprise for her.
Thanks again, Lynn for the beautiful treasure pocket book!!!

I leave you with a photo I took in my rear view mirror of a probable 200 yard long median filled with beautiful blooming Plumbago!

xoxo- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a busy lady. I bet you will find even more treasures on the beach after the big blow.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
What fun you've had exchanging gifts with your blogging friends...and how sweet they are.

I hope Earl doesn't do any damage to Florida....or anyplace. Hope it just blows itself to nothing in the ocean!!

Beautiful window view of the lovely flowers along the road...and how good that you are having some relief from the rain too...

oh yes! I hope your Okra plants survive...darn bugs anyway. That is soooo maddening. I have that problem with the rose bushes..and then it didn't help that I'd planted tomato bushes around them...and I can't spray...

have a wonderful day
p.s. great hours ! you have a woot woot weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your aphid troubles. Here's hoping you can get rid of those pests. That's a really awesome gift your friend sent you.

messyfish said...

oh...poor hungry bugs. cant you give them some okra? (speaking of that, I would like some too)....hmmmm :-)

Snippety Gibbet said...

I adore the "timeless treasures" stitchery you got from your friend. Beautiful! Good luck with the icky bugs. That doesn't seem quite fair of a thing to happen to such a green thumber. jan

Lisa M Griffin said...

WOW! lots of details in that pocket book, it is truly a gift to be treasured. thanks for sharing... good luck with the bugs. :(~

yoon see said...

Hello Julie, you are so so lucky to have a wonderful gift from super talented Lynn, it's so beautiful....yes, it's a master piece.

Yes, I always feel so thankful for the beautiful handmade doll that you gave me.
I will send you surprise gifts for Christmas. Stay tune.

My Little Family: said...

Julie I buy lady bugs for aphid control. You can refrigerate what you don't use - just be careful not to spill them in your fridge like I did.