Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Cactus Monday!

Good day everyone! Happy Monday! I have no idea what the name of this succulent is...I have had it for years, and it grows slowly for me, but has gotten a lot larger and is so pretty. Happy in shade, hanging out with the other sux in the screenroom.

I am so looking forward to cooler air, when I can get out there and work with my plants. I do walk out daily to check on the progress of the okra blooms....they are all still buds...but since I re-fertilized, the leaves are a lovely dark green. The buds are growing larger, and I keep thinking "any day now"!!!

I am thinking I may be visiting IKEA today...that will be fun!

My new job's hours are keeping me sort of like a zombie all week! Working until 2am, and not getting home till 2:30am...then having a snack and...BAM...I still cannot fall asleep till nearly 4am on those three days (Thurs-Fr-Sat) each week.....and now it is Monday and I am all screwed up with my sleeping!!!

The California and Colorado fires are so disturbing!!! Just terrible. You know how much I love my hurts me to see places burn up. That gas line explosion was just aweful.

The latest art around here is litle Emily with a new little chalkboard...she loves it! Drawing, scribbling, carrying it with her all around the house! What a darling little girl! I'm not MADLY in love! Oh no...not at all...yeah right!!!

Not much else happening...oh there is one little thing...a new tiny little art studio opened up right next to the art store here...I peeked in the window yesterday (closed on Sundays), and three artists works were on display! I must go over soon to check it out! One thing the owner/artist is doing is "Stamp Art" where she actually paints a real stamp on a large canvas...the ones that have a "cancelled stamp" on them are really pretty!

Add note: I just woke up and it is 11:15pm on Monday night, only to discover that I had started this post yesterday and I fell asleep and never hit the PUBLISH button. I am messed up with my sleep now. Exhausted. Oh dear... least it is still 45 more minutes until the clock rolls over to Tuesday and I can still say Happy Cactus Monday everyone!!!


Evelyn said...

Happy Cactus Monday Julie. I hope you get some sleep :)

Penny said...

Sleep patterns are so hard to get right. Keep taking naps.

Serena said...

We heard about the California fires on the frightening it would have been for the sad that people died too.

Lynn said...

Hey sleepy, have fun and enjoy the new art place too.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Oh poor you!....It IS hard to get into a proper routine when you have sleep and work patterns like that. I hope you were able to sleep. That was a bit funny actually.

I LOVE that plant!! I have never seen anything like that. I wish it would grow here...*sigh*. It is so very healthy.

How fun that you have grandbabies so close...
hope your week is going well...and maybe you CAN get to Ikea...and wonder what you'd be looking for.