Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I won Judi's giveaway, and it arrived today!!!

My blogger pal/buddy/friend, Judi over at Cranberry Blossoms had a giveaway, and somehow or other, I managed to win!!! Amazing and wonderful!!! I was having a sort of low day when I found out, and it really lifted me up again and gave me hope that my job situation will turn around. Thanks Judi!

And what a giveaway she had!!! WOWZERS! Talk about some neat things she made by hand and other goodies that just blew me away today when the box arrived!

Here is the box as I opened it...(excitement builds)...

What is inside this beautiful drawstring pouch?????

A gorgeous necklace she made herself...solid Swarovski crystals!!! It is so lovely, Judi...all in black and white and a very beautiful large clear crystal at the bottom! It is stunning, and can be worn with anything! Thankyou, so much Judi!!!

I took a pic on two different background colors to show the beauty! Judi makes these lovelies and sells them in her Etsy shop, called Timeless For You...go by and see all of the beautiful things she makes!

Next thing I found in the box was one of her gorgeous pink heart soaps! I have had her soap before and it smells wonderful and lathers like a dream! I am so pleased to have another bar!!! Judi sells her soap and other lushious items in her other Etsy shop called Pink Daisies. You really have to go by and check out her other items...especially the lamps made from tea pots, cups and saucers! They are all so neat, and fun!

Next came a set of the cutest fall kitchen towels! Aren't they adorable...I love the top one with the ruffle at the bottom!

Then I pulled out a box of note cards in perfect fall colors! Judi doesn't know it, but I am a stationery freak! I love all manner of cards, letter stock, pens, etc. Sooooo....oh my gosh...I was so happy!!! I thought that might be the end, but there was still one more item in the box!

It was one of her handmade china tiled mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't this so pretty? Oh can I ever thank you enough for all of these goodies!!! My gosh! I will surprise you one of these days...just wait and see!
xoxo- Julie


marianne said...

Lucky you!!! Congratulations!
And what a fun package filled with gorgeous goodies!!!

Have a nice day Julie! Hope you work "problem"will be solved soon!

Darla said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a haul. No wonder your spirits were lifted. Beautiful craftsmanship, lovely gesture. You are blessed.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Congratulations on your win. Pretty items there. Have a nice day.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
I am happy your giveaway arrived safely and it was 2 days early!
I'm glad you like it and I hope it helps lift your spirits.
I haven't had a chance to get online very much this has been so busy at work and outside of work...and I 'ben tired too. *s*..
Hope you have a really good weekend.

Teri C said...

WOW Julie, these gifts are fabulous!!!
Sorry to hear abut your job but somethings just must be.
And sorry I haven't been around but am catching up now.

Take care and big hugs.

yoon see said...

Wow! Julie, you have many great gifts and I am sure you love them so much.
sorry to drop by late and I always remember you:)
Take care and have a great week ahead!