Sunday, October 10, 2010

In lieu of Cactus Monday...

Since I have nothing interesting in the line of cactus or succulents to show you, I thought I would do a stand in with Palm Tree Monday instead!!!
My grandson, Donovan, and I went for a wander down the edge of a canal one block over from my house. It is lined with apartments and condos and we walked straight down in their backyards, basically, along the canals edge. First, we came upon this really cool reflection of a palm frond hanging down into the water, and the reflection made it look like one of those "God's eyes" we used to make when we were kids with sticks and yarn. Do you remember doing that??? It was a challenge to hold the sticks straight while weaving the yarn around and around. Anyway, I thought this was a really neat photo!

Second is a pic of some seed pods floating in the water with other things to make an interesting pic. I like all parts of a palm tree...even the trashy pods that fall. They look particularly nice floating in water, don't you think???

Here is some great weaving of a lovely palm tree fiber that I think is the basis for keeping them standing during hurricanes!!! LOL...but seriously isn't this amazing?...the tight weave is another of natures surprises!

Last, I took a pic of one of the backyards at a condo building. They had lush green back lawn all the way out to the water, but little walking paths out to two table and chairs areas complete with grills at each, and also two of these areas here with colorful adirondack chairs, in sand and a palm tree in each too! Yeah, I could see myself living there...with my feet in the sand, looking at all the beautiful palm trees, boats and water!

Happy Cactus... er, I mean Palm Tree Monday!!!
xoxo- Julie


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I really like that first pic! I like them all, but that first one is particularly nice with the reflection and what not. It's somewhat deceptive/unexpected. And palms are pretty cool IMO. :-P

Teri C said...

Ha, I love that you walked in their backyard, that is so me also.

Love the pix of your very observant eye.

❤HCM❤ or is that Happy Palm Monday. lol

marianne said...

Happy Palm tree Monday dear!!!

Hoep you are having a good time!

Judi said...

Hi Julie!
Great photos. I love how you've captured special aspects of each area...the first one with the water scene would make a great picture to frame and hang and I would love to have my pinkies in that nice warm those sweet coloured chairs.
I'm glad you 2 had a good day together...a nice adventure.

walk2write said...

Cool pix, Julie! That last one of the palm tree looks like there is a face on it, almost like a totem pole carving.

Evelyn said...

Happy Palm Tree Monday. Nice fist pic - great reflection. I could see myself sitting on one of the chairs with my feet up :).

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't remember ever making 'Gods eye' in any way. A very interesting observation. I could see you participating in the Shadow Sunday event. Every Sunday people post Shadow pictures. This is a perfect one. Happy Palm Monday, on Tuesday.

mrbrownthumb said...

Ha, you're right it does look like one of those God's eye craft projects.