Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate night! YEAHHHHH!!!

I have just returned from dinner with family and friends...had a delicious dolphin reuben sandwich! Now I am settled in for the big debate that starts at 9pm EST here. I can't wait! This political stuff is a lot of fun at times! Hope ya'll can watch it tonight.

My sweet Mom bought me about 3 Periwinkle plants today...what a sweet mommy!!! They are about the color in this picture...quite pretty! I think I will plant them in the ground around my sux tires so I can see them out my kitchen window!

I had a hellovaweek at work. It was ball busting. I'm tired. Worn out. Exhausted.

I hope to have a really great post for you all well as a new Cactus Monday offering coming up. My floors need mopping, but I would rather be an artist. Grandiose ideas??? YEAHHHHHHH. That will never happen! LOL.


Teri C said...

What a teaser this is!! How can I wait till Monday?!!

Such a pretty flower. We have some like that but a different color.

soulbrush said...

how can you watch that stuff? (crap).

My LIttle Family: said...

I watched, er, mostly listened. What did ya think?

Julie said...

Here is what I thought of the debate! On foreign affairs, McCain seems stronger, but I like that Obama will sit down and try to have discussions for a more peaceful solution to all of these at war countries. There are a lot more things I disagree with in regard to McCain, and I still feel the best choice is Obama. That is just my own personal opinion...something we are each and every one of us is entitled to!