Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jury duty tomorrow!

I will be having this fun all day tomorrow...sitting around in a huge room waiting for my name to possibly be called...or not! Oh such fun! I have been dreading it coming up, and now after my 5:05pm call to see if I will be serving or not...I WILL!!!
Well, a day off work isn't quite worth it! On the bright side, maybe I will get to do a real interesting case and have a different kind of experience!

Just a happy October 1st greeting to you all!
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Aiyana said...

The odds are you won't get called. I was JD for 6 weeks 31 years ago, went through three trials. One was a shoplifting case, (guilty) one a burglary, (guilty) and one a civil suit involving a dog bite where the plaintiff claimed he couldn't work because of nightmares over the incident. The plaintiff didn't get a dime! They all went the way I voted so it wasn't terribly frustrating on my part. I've only been called twice more, sat around for a few hours then released. If you do serve--hope it's not a boring civil suit. They are usually dull and very boring.

Julie said...

Aiyana- yes, I always fear I will be on a case where the jury is divided! But this is not federal court at least, thank goodness. Last time I was called, which turns out to have been Jan 2006, I was never called...just sat around all am taking a bunch of stuff to be entertained with! I wonder if they offer free wireless internet in that big room???

Lisa at Greenbow said...

If you are chosen I hope you aren't on a "deadly" serious case.

Gilbamar said...

It's more ou less like here, in Brazil!

Mary T said...

I've only been called once and didn't end up serving. My sister however has been on 3 juries and one was lengthy. Not too bad though. Bring some embroidery and a couple good books. :)

soulbrush said...

gosh i have always wanted to be called, hope it is interesting, if it happens.

Teri C said...

I have always wanted to be on jury duty and never even got as far as you!

Happy October!

walk2write said...

It may seem weird, but I have never been called for jury duty. Maybe it's because we move so much. The ink barely dries on our voter registration cards, and then we are off again! Hope your experience is an interesting one.