Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes, they do! I was just commenting on a few blogs, and the wind was coming up (and a light rain) about 15 minutes ago...and now it is pouring outside with somewhat higher winds! I am always amazed at how far-reaching the affects are from these storms! I posted this ATC and one other one on my other blog a few nights ago, but felt it fitting to post this particular one now since we are in the middle of a few of these things in a row. I am thinking if Ike is a category 3 or higher, my family and my Mom will drive to Lakeland, Florida...where we have family...and camp out a few days there. I have to work both before and after the as soon as I am relieved, we will head out. By Sunday I will have full tanks of gas in our cars, and get my bags packed and ready to go with a few days clothes,and my trusty laptop!
I will also take my new sketch pad, and pencil, and find something interesting to try and draw.
I already drew out a cute pic for Cactus Monday, and it is a relief to me to have it done already (I start sweating it out that I will remember or actually think of something to do). Isn't it funny the things you allow to give you stress (even though it may be such darn fun stress, cause I really do enjoy it)! LOL. I am a big nerd/weirdo!!!
Granddaugher Emily, and her Mom doing well over in Germany. Thank God.
I am laying here in bed, with lights out except for my long necked bendy Tweetybird nightlight overhead, and the light from the laptop...listening to the sound of the steady rain and wind outside. Tonight I am grateful for my roof!


Cindy said...

From what I've seen on the weather maps, Hanna is just the warm-up act for Ike. Stay safe.

Claude said...

well, to be entirely accurate, hurricanes don't suck as much as they blow... but I do appreciatte the sentiment!

Watch out for Ike!

Ashraf shreif said...

thank god, you are well my friend

Linda Fleming said...

Take care, Julie. These hurricanes are a pain, aren't they? You all on the east side of the state have gotten more than your share this summer.

Teri C said...

Julie, I am glad you are safe. At least for now. Must be terrible to wonder if you are going to get hit or not. Just think of all the sketching you can do while riding out the storm.

We even had rain yesterday (in Wisconsin) from Gustav.

Don't stress of Cactus Monday (I admit that sometimes I do also) because if you miss it, the art police will not be out to get you.

I used a #2 pencil for my leaf.

Stay safe.


soulbrush said...

oh my goodness i am so sorry for everyone having to go through this.. my wishes and thoughts go with you all.

Aiyana said...

I've been watching the hurricane news and thinking of you. I hope it doesn't do any harm, but I guess it's a strong one! Stay safe.

Your ATC is great! I love witty ATCs and witty tee shirts. Years ago, I decorated a tee shirt with a Dracula photo with blood drops, and titled it--Dracula Sucks! People got a real kick out of it. I was younger then. LOL. I wouldn't wear slogan tee shirts now, but my husband will, so I buy him witty (at least I think so) ones. My husband is kind of a grouch, so I got him a tee shirt that's a bright lime green with a big sun on it. It says, "I'm just one big freakin' ray of sunshine." I think it's hilarious to see an old grouchy guy in a tee shirt like this! Sick humor I guess. People do laugh, and he gets a kick out of it.


Serena said...

How is the situation re. the hurricane, Julie? I hope you are safe, well and dry. (((Hugs)))

Julie said...

Aiyana- LOLOL...I would love to have that tee-shirt for my grouchy hubby! Hee hee hee!