Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A pic for Vickie, and a day at court!

My blogger friend Vickie had put out a call to fellow bloggers to help her with a gardening to shade some bromeliads that are not taking the sun too well. You can click on her name to read what she needs. It is an interesting challenge. I told her I would pose the question to my Mom, and as Mom and I were walking through our neighborhood, we saw a few things that could possibly work. The best one is shown in this photo below...using Bird of Paradise to shade the Broms. The other idea is possibly some tall Liriope, but I am not sure if it wouldn't kind of grow on top of the bromeliads. The Bromeliad shown in this picture is actually one of those large sun tolerant ones, which I believe is way larger than the ones Vickie has (correct me if I am wrong, Vickie)! If anyone can think of a better idea for her, please click on her name above and let her know! She will love you for it!

Now, on to my day as a juror! I'm such a sappy girl, that I actually got tears in my eyes when the judge came in to tell us about the great service we are doing for our country! Oh brother! I got to watch about 30 minutes of a movie called The Rescue, with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher...when they called my name to go in. 24 of us lucky people got to go into a courtroom and be questioned by the judge and lawyers! As it turns out, and quite unbelievably, I actually knew the defendant! LOL. Guess who got excused from that case??? LOL. Yes...true story!!!

Here is a pic I took through the 11th floor courthouse window overlooking downtown West Palm Beach. You can see the Intracoastal waterway, the island of Palm Beach, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond that! It was a clear blue sky with puffy little cirrus clouds. The view was specacular!

Eventually I was released for the day and that one courtroom experience was as close as I have ever gotten to a real jury experience! Maybe one day I will actually get to do a case!


tina said...

I almost thought the prickly pear would work for her. I love that stuff in my garden. I guess it might spread too far for Vickie though?

My LIttle Family: said...

Thanks so much for your help Julie! I LOVE bird of paradise but I have had a hard time growing it. Inf act, I have some in my yard that has been overgrown with other shrubs so I just may transplant it when it cools off a bit!

carolie said...

glad you had a good experience even if you didn't get to serve the whole time. at least the view is pretty!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What interesting pictures. I am surprised that you were allowed a camera in the area.

I will think about your friends dilemma. A friend of mine sets an umbrella over some plants during the hottest part of the day. I must say it is a nusiance but people do what they need to do.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have a Bromiliad out on my covered patio...It gets LOTS and LOTS of Light, but no direct Sunlight. And it has done very very well. I've had it for probably 20 years or more!
I tyhink the Bromiliad being in Direct Sun, or Full Sun is not a good thing....!

Julie said...

OL of TH's: Her bromeliads are in partial sun, but the Florida heat is too strong even at those few times, so she is looking for ways to help shade them so they can stay where they are in her patio! She has some of those Bromeliads that are a little safer for stronger sunlight, but they are still having some burn.

Julie said...

Vickie- I hope the transplanted BOP will work out for this!!!

soulbrush said...

a good story about the courtoom, i would take such a thing very seriously too...better you got out of it though...imagine having to condemn a murderer, what an onerous task!

Claude said...

I"m back!

I actually sat on a jury once. A civil suit. We got to the jury room and took a vote just to see where we all stood, and unanimously voted against the plaintiff. Took about 5 minutes all told.

The trial process can actually be pretty interesting, and it's nothing like they show on TV.