Sunday, October 12, 2008

Juicy Cactus Monday!'s confirmed...I've lost my mind!!! LOL.
Happy Cactus Monday!


Cindy said...

Somewhere on the internets there is an application that lets you turn your picture into a functioning clock for your computer. There must be! Then you could make one and put it in your sidebar.

Teri C said...


Hey, you might be onto something here!


Margaret Ann said...

And what better a group to lose your mind in! LOL :)

Have the Juiciest Happiest Cactus Monday ever! :)

marianne said...

Oh Julie this is great!!!!!!
What a nice clock and I can hear it ticking.......
Cactus mandala clock!
Happy Cactus Monday Julie!

Debra Kay said...

Tick tock tick tock
Someone mad a cactus clock
Is she a succulent genius
Or merely off her block?

soulbrush said...

no, you've just lost your wrist watch! HCM fellow cactuteer.

Aiyana said...

Quite Creative!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Cactus Monday Juicy Julie. Your cactus clock is great.