Sunday, October 5, 2008

Early posting for Cactus Monday!

On Sunday, my Mom , daughter and I went on a little trip to IKEA in Ft. Lauderdale. It is a huge store, and extremely tiring to go through! Here you see the entry as we drove in, and after parking, the front of the store as we approached. You will see how the cactus part of this ties in as we go along!

You start out going up an escalator to the second floor. Right at the top was the Swedish restaurant. We all had the Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, except Mom who chose fresh vegies (she is a very healthy eater)! We thought it tasted OK, but a bit bland, and really did not seem to special to me. I would have thought there would be more of a nutmeg taste, or something to make it have a Swedish taste. Anyway...moving on...we had two deserts and split each one 3 ways so we could all try both.

Along with this Kristian Regale, a ligonberry/apple sparkling juice!

The apple cake was actually mostly fresh apples surrounded on the top, bottom and sides with a sort of cake crust. It almost seemed semi healthy with all those apples inside! The chocolate number was good too, but a bit more desserty! All in all, a pleasant experience!

I was on the lookout for any succulent looking furniture/art work/etc., and I found these kinda cool looking chairs! I really like the green leaf one, and the black and white!

Isn't this an adorable little childrens book, but sadly it was written in Swedish, but absolutely lovely art work!

And check this out...they actually sold LIVE succulent plants in there! I couldn't believe my eyes! LOL.

How do you like the cactus 3- pack, and this long spined baby in there! WOW!
I was hoping against all odds that I would find, per chance...a small pachypodium! Ha ha ha!!! No such chance!
When we were exiting the building they had a nice Swedish Market with all kinds of foodstuffs. That was kinda neat. You will see below what my sweet Mom bought me for a surprise! She knows I dearly love Swedish pancakes...(YOU can find them at IHOP). Delicious...complete with the lingonberry preserves!
We left IKEA, and travelled down the road to the Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall, and outside the Rainforest Cafe there, I found several of these giant and colorful mushrooms helping to hold the place up! LOL.

OK...Mom bought me a bar of Swedish dark chocolate, and some ligonberry preserves! Now I can't wait to make some swedish pancakes ( I actually have a recipe)...and I may have to do it first thing tomorrow, to celebrate Cactus Monday morning!



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Julie,nothing like being on top of the game. Looks like you had a great time shopping. Happy Cactus Monday, a little early.

Julie said...

Lisa- LOL...yeah...:)

Claude said...

We have a huge IKEA here in Dallas too, but the only way to get there from here is on the toll road and I ain't driving 27 miles to get there. I drive for a living, and I don't drive for anything else if I can help it... They have some interesting stuff though.

Julie said...

It was my second time going there, and we haven't bought any thing but food items! We really like going just to check out the design ideas!

Teri C said...

Doesn't that make it just about perfect...finding such a cactus bargain?!

I was at the IKEA in Minneapolis and it is so fun to wander around in. And I don't even like to shop!

Pudgeduck said...

Been once- it's sooo big!! That apple cake looks yummy!!!!!!

Aiyana said...

Did you resist those cacti? I didn't see that you bought them, so you are exercizing self control. I would have sprung for the long-spined baby myself, though. I had no idea they had all that stuff in there. Maybe someday I'll have to go see myself.

Julie said...

Oh Lord, Aiyana! I diod not buy that long spined one. I did think of you though and wondered if you had this species! I wanted it real bad, but didn't really have room for it!

marianne said...

Great post!
I can almost taste the food!!!!!!
Fun you found cacti over there!
Happy Cactus Monday Julie

soulbrush said...

ha ha must be ikea week, we were there last thursday helping steve get some furniture packs to make some cupboards...i didn't see any hoo. hcm dear cactuteer.

Margaret Ann said...

What a great day shopping and eating and finding cactus-o-rama! Happiest of Cactus MOndays to you FEllow Cacuteer! :)

John said...

I get a kick out of the shopping carts at IKEA. The fact that all four wheels swivel is a blast.

Stapeliad said...

Julie I loved the photo tour of Ikea.

I would have bought the children's book even if it was in Swedish. :)

Enjoy your lingonberry and chocolate!!!

Serena said...

Loved the photo tour too. I really like the Rainforest Cafe pic...the giant mushroom is awesome! Enjoy your goodies! :)